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7 Lovely Bulldogs Wearing Beautiful Christmas Hats

Featured image by @clbreckon
Christmas hats fever has invaded Bulldogology Town, and we’re not complaining! We love all the Christmas traditions and so our bullies. These babies are getting their outfits ready before the date, and they want to show every piece of it to the world. As you well know, one important element is the Christmas hat, and that’s the first thing they got. Watch them celebrate with their family, friends and strangers making jokes around while wearing their festive hats all around the place.

1. I’m trying to figure out if I want the full costume, or just keeping the hat.

2. Mom is an Illustrator. Obviously, she won’t buy me a real hat if she can draw one on me.

3. Every single year is the same. Santa’s mad at me.

4. This is not exactly a Chrismas hat, but I love it.

5. Presenting the new trend on Christmas hats for this season.

6. I make mom look better when I wear my Christmas hat, and she knows it.

7. Hey, mom! Can we go out and buy the rest of the outfit now?

Bulldogs Christmas Hats

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