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8 Gorgeous English Bulldogs Welcome February 2017

Featured image by @bulldogsandburgers
February means a lot of different things for Bulldogs around the world. Some of them think this is the first real month of the year which means that January was a simple trial. For Latin Bulldogs, this is a funny month thanks to carnivals. They will play with water bombs, costumes and more. And for some other Bulldogs, it´s one step closer to the end of snow. Whatever are your reasons to celebrate our Bulldogs want to say welcome February 2017!

1. Don´t look at me like that! Everybody knows this is the burger month.

2. I wish you the most incredible month of them all – Bullysnow White

3. February is made for those who loves to escape to the beach.

4. OMG! Carnivals are here! Can you feel it too?

5. Cutest babies in town celebrate February like it´s December.

6. I wish this month mom stop being so annoying with that Chandelier song.

7. What are you going to give me for being so good in February?

8. Come closer and find out what´s in this bag, especially for February lovers.

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