There’s rarely any food that is more popular than rice; it’s a global staple. But there question boggling your mind, can dogs eat rice? YES, dogs can eat rice

According to Ricepedia, more than 3.5 billion world population eat rice daily, including you. Rice supplies 20% of their daily calories.

If humans love rice this much, why can’t we also feed it to dogs, our best friends? Many dog lovers avoid feeding their dogs rice as there are unsure of their safety.

But why would anyone want to feed their dogs with rice?

4 Reasons Why Rice is Good For Dogs

Don’t follow a bandwagon; you should know why you should feed your dogs with rice. Of course, rice is suitable for dogs as there are benefits derivable;

  1. Source of Clean Energy

Rice provides dogs with an ample supply of carbohydrates which converts to energy for your dogs. With rice, you can reduce fats, which are the dietary source of energy for dogs. Compared to fats, rice provides power without causing any damage to a dog’s health.

  1. Promoting Bowel Movements

Quite a number of dogs are susceptible to bowel issues, and rice can be a long term fix for these issues. All thanks to the abundant presence of starch in rice, useful bacteria can thrive in the bowel. In the end, it provides digestive supports to dogs.

  1. Excellent Brain Activity

It won’t amount to exaggeration if we state that feeding your dog rice can make them smarter and calmer, just like Quinoa. Compared to other foods, rice is quite low in fats and cholesterol that affect the brain health of dogs.

  1. Countering High Blood Pressure

As soon as a dog is eight years old, the risk of suffering from hypertension increases. To combat this silent killer in dogs, a combination of rice and a little amount of sodium can be the lifesaver. If you can lay your hands on rice husks, it’s even better.

What Types of Rice Can Dogs Eat?

We’ve already established that rice is good for dogs. However, as a dog owner, your concern will now be the type of rice you can feed your best friend.

There are varieties of rice, and one will definitely be suitable for your dog. You own it to your dog to discover the rice that benefits them the most. Let’s consider these five types of rice aside white rice that you can feed your dogs;

  • Can Dogs Eat Brown Rice?

Never feed your dog brown rice if it has a history of gastrointestinal issues. Outside of that, dogs will always find brown rice nutritious. What you don’t know is that many commercial dog food has brown rice inside of it, and it’s for a good reason. Brown rice for dogs is perfectly okay.

  • Can Dogs Eat Red Rice?

Never will your dog live in discomfort if you introduce red rice to its diet. Red rice isn’t only safe, but it’s also the secret source for dog lovers who cannot stand seeing their dogs in digestive pain.

  • Can Dogs Eat Jasmine Rice?

This is a soft and long-grain rice from Thailand with a floral smell. Just like brown rice, Jasmine rice is actually good for your dogs. Don’t forget to feed them jasmine rice in moderation to prevent obesity.

  • Can Dogs Eat Basmati Rice?

This is growing in popularity among dog owners due to its rich carbohydrate and ability to treat diarrhea in dogs. However, as much as basmati rice can do a lot of good to the health of your dog, it can also cause damage. Limit feeding your dog basmati rice to less than three times weekly.

  • Can Dogs Eat Wild Rice?

You’ll find wild rice in every gourmet wet dog food. It serves as an antioxidant and an essential source of fiber for dogs. With wild rice, you are contributing to better bone health for your dog. You won’t need any spice or flavoring if you are serving wild rice to your dog.

How Much Rice Can You Feed Your Dog?

As beneficial as rice is to a dog’s health, feeding should be done in moderation. No matter how much you love your dog, never feed them rice more than thrice a week.

When it comes to rice, just like any food, follow the 10% Treat Rule strictly. Anything above this will lead to your dog packing unnecessary extra pounds.

Can My Dog Be Allergic to Rice?

Yes, your dog can react badly to rice and as soon as it should the following sign, you should withdraw rice from its diet. You’ll notice either vomiting or having itchy skin.

Other signs include; inflamed paws, dry skin, skin rash, and hair loss.

Final Thoughts

Let’s assume you’ve never fed rice to your dogs before, with this assurance you can go ahead. We’ll love to know how you dog reacted to its first rice meal. Don’t forget to comment, like and share to other dog lovers.