Can I Walk My Dog During Coronavirus? 8 Important Things to Keep in Mind

can i walk my dog during coronavirus

In light of the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic, it’s crucial to heed health and government guidelines regarding its spread. Although lockdown restrictions curtail outdoor activities, ensuring your pet gets outside time is important for their health.

You might ask whether or can I walk my dog during coronavirus? Well, yes you can with some precautions from coronavirus and proper guidelines, of course. This article will offer you some tips on going out safely with your dog.

Before we delved into the main purpose of this article, here are the topics you can expect:

  • Pets and Coronavirus
  • Walking with Dogs Without Spreading the Coronavirus
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pets and COVID-19

Research and some information note the low risk of animals and dogs spreading the virus. However, dogs were infected with coronavirus or COVID-19 due to their exposure to inflicted people. Never allow your pooch to interact with people or other animals outside. Keep your dog indoors during lockdown or outbreak.

In case you got inflicted with the virus, make sure to isolate yourself from him and the rest in the household. Get someone else to look after him for a while. Avoid snuggling, being kissed or licked, sharing food, and petting your dog. This is especially true during the lockdown.

Wear a cloth face covering if you are sick and near to animals. You have to wash your hands before and after handling your pet. See to it that you clean up everything after your pet.

If he tested positive for coronavirus, follow the same protocols and precautions you would do if anyone else in the household got the coronavirus infection. Isolate him in a separate room away from the other family members.

Call or contact a veterinarian if his conditions get worst or he develops new COVID-related symptoms. The vet will give you proper recommendations for your best friend.

How Can I Walk My Dog Without Spreading the Coronavirus?

All humans are now at risk of the outbreak or lockdown, but this does not mean that you cannot leave the house to walk your dog. How often do you walk your dog? Please note the importance for dogs to get mental and physical exercises.

Continue walking with your dog is allowed in your area. Here are some reminders on walking your dog outdoors or keeping him healthy amidst the outbreak or even lockdown:

1. Wear Cloth Face Covering and Follow Health/Hygiene Protocols (Wash Your Hands)

When you walk with your dog, make sure to wear any cloth that covers your mouth and nose. Observe and follow local ordinances with regards to curfew hours, hygiene guidance (like a wash of hands), and physical distancing.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends walking your dog on a leash at a meter distance from people and other dogs. Refrain him from interacting with others outside your household.

Always wash your hands with water and soap. Do this at least 20 seconds before your walk and when you are done. You may also use hand sanitizer in your walks.

2. Ask Somebody Else to Walk Your Dog

If you cannot walk your dog for some reason, ask someone else to do it for you. First things first, you need to self-isolate. Make sure that your pooch takes the lead to prevent as much as possible with the other animals and humans.

You know too well the benefits of dog walking especially during the lockdown. Make sure that your pet is well taken cared of.

3. Get Professional Pet Services

If you or a family member come into contact with an inflicted person or animal, you have to self-isolate. You may opt to call a professional pet services provider to walk your furry buddy. Make sure that the provider adheres to the guidance on safety and protection.

The service provider is expected to consider the necessary measures to mitigate the risk of transmission.

4. Hire a Professional Dog Walker

Good, proper health protocols and physical and social distancing are critical for professional dog walkers. Dog walkers should maintain a meter away from you at your dog’s pick-up and drop-off. They must practice regular handwashing.

It is advisable not to join your pooch with other dogs or pets in the walk. Keep all the other dogs on a lead to avoid contact with them. This is to maintain the health and well-being of your dog.

Dog walkers, on the other hand, have some responsibilities to take into account as well. They need to protect themselves and their other clients as well.

Take the appropriate measures in protecting clients with signs of respiratory issues or those with coronavirus exposure.

5. Have a Professional Dog Grooming Service

Provision of professional grooming services for dogs. This service is possible for significant welfare services like clipping of claws and heavy coats. Just ensure to follow physical distancing rules and measures to reduce the risk and spread of the virus. Limit close face-to-face interaction and maintain hygiene.

6. When Going to a Dog Park

You can take your dog to a park, but CDC suggests avoiding a crowded dog run or dog park until further notice. Avoid public places such as dog parks where there’s a crowd.

Never let your dog interact with the other dogs or people outside your household.

7. Play with Your Dog Outside the House

If you have fenced-in yards, you are fortunate enough to play with him outdoor. Basic cleanliness and hygiene are more significant. As usual, always wash your hands before and after your play outside.

Clean your pet’s paws and hands to limit or even mitigate the spread of the coronavirus or any germs. Definitely, this is a smart practice.

8. Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

Going outdoors is not necessarily an option though it remains possible during the coronavirus outbreak or lockdown. There are many options for him to get some exercise and entertain him indoors. These may include dog sport training, treadmills, and indoor scent games.


Here are the frequently asked questions from dog owners and parents with regards to walking their dogs outside during the coronavirus outbreak.

Can my pet get infected with COVID-19?

Primarily, coronavirus spreads through human-to-human transmission, but evidence shows its transmission between animals and humans. Research report that they tested positive for the COVID infection after being exposed to coronavirus-inflicted humans. Other than dogs, other animals inflicted are tigers, cats, mink, and lions.

Can animals carry COVID-19 on their skin or fur?

No evidence yet that viruses such as coronavirus may spread or transmit to humans or animals from fur, hair, or skin of dogs. However, you should be mindful of the fact that people with a weak immune system, the elderly, and young children are more likely to get inflicted by other germs carried by dogs.

Should I put a mask on my pet if I think it has COVID-19?

While putting a face mask on your coronavirus-inflicted dog is a good idea, but veterinarians say it will just make things worse. Experts give advice on taking some other precautions for the safety of your pet. One of these measures is to stay away from other people or dogs.

This will make certain that they will not catch the infection. Such measure is especially true if you come into contact with COVID.

Can I walk my dog during coronavirus?

Although outdoor activities are allowed during these trying times, taking precautions is still a must. You can take your dog to a park, yes, provided that there is not crowd upon your visit. The risk associated with getting the viral infection is likely higher in crowded areas like parks.

Inadequately ventilated and crowded places are at high risk of infection when spending long periods in close proximity. Precautions should not be heightened in these spaces as COVID seems to spread by aerosols respiratory droplets more efficiently in these environments.

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility to be aware, responsible, safe, and be educated with your dog or dogs during the lockdown. You can guide your pet in a socially responsible manner in this coronavirus outbreak with safety precautions and factual information from trusted sources.

Have we answered your question on whether walking your dog is possible during the coronavirus outbreak?

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