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Cuddle Up Day 2018: 8 Bulldogs Giving Love

Featured image by @stinkylinkythefrenchie
Whenever you need to feel calm, relax or love, there’s only one thing you can do. Yes, we’re talking about cuddling. Therefore, we decided to celebrate Cuddle Up Day 2018. Besides, it’s always good to find an excuse and hug your loved ones. So, our bullies took their time with some love appreciation and showed us their best moments.

1. We’re ready to take off our clothes and take a good cuddle up day session.

2. Let’s play and have some dinner. But first, a little relaxation moment.

3.He doesn’t want to cuddle up. Instead, he prefers to pose for pictures.

4. Mom, can you please stop the pictures thing and come to cuddle, please.

5. There’s something better than food. Yes, I’m talking about cuddling with these two guys.

6. What would it be for cuddling if it’s not with a kiss? Besides, everything is better with love.

7. Multiple cuddling with mom. So, we’re planning to stay here all day.

8. When the day is off, you know you have to find your friend and cuddle a little bit.

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