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7 Incredible Babies Celebrating Day Of The Bulldog Girls 2017

Featured image by @sparklethebulldog
In honor of International Day of Girls 2017, we want to join the celebration in Bulldogology town. Therefore, our Bulldog Girls club prepared their party to join baby females out there. Although, it was hard just to pick seven of them. But, we assure you all of them are pretty, smart and talented. So, enjoy our baby girls and don’t hesitate if you want to share your baby girl’s pic.

1. Ok, let’s just say it’s International Day of Human Girls, instead of Bulldog Girl.

2. Perhaps, you would love a profile photo or is it me who wants to show this detail?

3. Cutie pie one and two. We’re ready for celebration because we’re the best Bulldog girls.

4. Mom says I can’t lose glamour. But, who could resist to this delicious cake?

5. I don’t care it’s Bulldog Girls Day because I only want to make her happy.

6. We love you, mom. And yes, this is the perfect Bulldog Girl Day gift for us!

7. Are we ready for winter or what? Bulldog girls know how to dress better.

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