Do Pee Pads Work for Older Dogs: What You Should Know

Do Pee Pads Work for Older Dogs

Puppy pad training typically begins when your dog is young. That raises the question, can older dogs still benefit from pee pads? Are they a viable and efficient option for your senior dog to utilize? Discover more by continuing to read!

Pee Pads, For Puppies Only?

Pee pads aren’t just designed for pups of all ages, they can also provide relief for your elderly dog who struggles with maintaining control over their bodily functions!

Having a senior does not necessarily mean he was not potty trained earlier in life. There are other reasons why he still needs a pad.

Among these factors involved could but not limited to leaks, frequent accidental poos or pees inside the house, cleanliness, comfort, etc.

Also, there are instances when you need to retrain your dog to do his business indoors because he must. You must train him to go indoors because of the following:

You are living in a high-rise residence where making a quick pee break takes longer.

  • Your dog has health and size issues.
  • The dog is left alone at home the whole day.
  • He is living with a person having mobility issues.
  • There is severe winter weather.

Puppy Pads Until Adulthood

Puppy pads until adulthood is the right choice for dogs who can’t climb stairs or have difficulty going on long walks due to their size and health issues. They are still important and functional until adulthood.

In an unsafe area, pee pads remain significant for your pet because it would be difficult for you to consistently take him outside.

The pads are advisable when your pup is injured, in recovery from surgery, or sick.

In an unpredictable climate, your dog needs to be indoors almost all day. You would not want to mess inside your house, right? Making your pet use pads for his business is the right thing to do.

This only indicates the continuous use of puppy pads until adulthood makes sense.

So, make certain you are giving your adult dog the best pee pad.

Proper Sites for Pee Pads for Older Dogs

Do Pee Pads Work for Older Dogs

Older dogs aren’t the only ones that can doggy paddle. Puppies and older pups can also become clumsy with their hind leg and end up peeing in awkward places or on furniture.

These pads are made especially for pets who have trouble standing upright or if you are worried about your pooch ruining the cushions of furniture they have been using as a potty.

Most older dogs will not be able to pee on grass or other plants and should be provided with proper dog houses to pee on, which is necessary due to the aging process.

How do you choose a pee pad for your pup?

Guidelines for Choosing a Pee Pad for Your Senior Canine

Pee pads are not only important for seniors, but they also offer many other benefits. Choosing the right pee pad also comes with a few factors to consider:

Pad Size

The puppy pads should be large enough for your senior dog to dig into comfortably and not need to fold them up or rest on their edges due to discomfort.

Enough Drainage

Get pads that allow adequate drainage so that you won’t have to worry about your pup tracking in dirt.

Dog Type

Knowing what type of pet, you have will determine whether the pad is efficient for your furry friend.

Pad Absorbency

A good pee pad should have enough absorption even if your dog runs into it while running around. However, make sure it does not absorb too much that he cannot get off it by himself.


Choose a puppy pad that is safe for him. See to it that the pad keeps him safe rather than gives him a mess.

There are a variety of old dog pee pads so be careful in getting one that best suits your pet. Try checking out the best pee pads we are offering here.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Pee Pad Training in Older Dogs

Do Pee Pads Work for Older Dogs

Be creative on how to get dogs to use pee pads. Yes, training an older dog to use dog pads isn’t easy yet it is achievable. Let us help you!

Helping your adult dog learn to use their pee pad is very important, as it is a great way to prevent accidents in the house. Knowing how to do this can save you much grief and money.

Setting Up

Put the pee pad in your dog’s comfortable location. The spot should be easy to clean up and accessible. His pad must have his size.


Introduce him to the pad and incorporate animation in the pee pad training so he will be excited about using it. Establish this as a routine for him until he gets used to it.

Give him a tasty reward when goes and does it well. Punishing him is never a good idea if he pees or poos on the floor or just messes up anywhere.

Verbal Cue

Take him to the pad regularly whenever he likely needs to go to the dog’s indoor toilet, morning or evening, or at least 20 minutes after meals. Give him a go pee command when he begins peeing on his pad.

Acknowledge and reward him for a job well done. Soon enough, he will associate verbal cues with peeing. Practice the cue daily so he will remember that this is a sign for him to do his business.

Crate Training

Try to place the pad on your pup while he is inside the crate. This is a traditional method of house training. It works, but not always.

By following these tips on how to get your pooch started with training, you will keep your home and family safe.

FAQs on Pee Pad Use in Adult Dogs

Learn more about using pee pads by senior dogs:

Is it advisable to use pee pads for senior dogs?

This depends on the necessity for the use of the pads. Check the reasons and considerations above as to when an older dog should get a pad.

How does an older dog use a pee pad?

Every dog may use his pad differently depending on its use and functionality for a well trained dog.

Can a senior dog be trained to use a pee pad?

Yes, pee pad training in senior pets is possible. Go ahead and have your senior pet be pee pad trained.

Are senior dog pee pads beneficial?

These pads are very beneficial in dogs in need of their help may it be in their health, mobility, pee issues, etc.


With the information laid above, you can find pee pads to effectively work in senior dogs in particular circumstances. Be sure to know whether your old dog needs it or not. Anything else you would want us to add here?

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