8 Best Dog Ball Launcher 2024 – Factors To Consider When Buying

dog ball launcher

Think about taking your dog out for a game of fetch, but does just the idea of it wear you out?

Welcome onboard. Dogs love to play fetch but that’s too much exercise for you after a “ruff” day at work. But one look at those eager puppy eyes and you just can’t say no.

Playing fetch with your dog can be more fun and a lesser toll on you physically if you invest in a dog ball launcher. Yup, they do make playing fetch with your doggo less wearying. 

And even though a great dog ball launcher is not difficult to find but it can be tricky. After all, you do want to invest in the one that is going to last long and will make your life easier. 

Our favorite will be Chuckit! Outdoor Sport Dog Ball Launcher

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Outdoor activities provide an excellent opportunity for dogs to get the exercise they need to maintain good health.

This article outlines the various reasons why outdoor activities can be advantageous and how they not only benefit your dog’s physical and mental health but can also foster a closer relationship with you and enhance their social skills.

8 Best Dog Ball Launchers

Here is a glance over our recommended dog ball launchers.

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Read further to know the nitty-gritty details about our selected dog launchers.

8 Best Dog Ball Launchers 2023

It’s about time to sniff into the nine of the best shampoos for dogs’ itchy skin. You will be amazed at the pup-tacular finds.

1. Chuckit! Outdoor Sport Dog Ball Launcher – Best Seller

Ideal Dog Ball Launcher For Better Endurance

With Chuckit! Outdoor Sport Dog Ball Launcher, it’s time to say goodbye to messy hands while playtime. 

Now you can indulge in a fun ball game activity with your doggo without having to hold a drooly and mud-slathered ball.

dog ball launcher01

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This is just a fraction of what this dog ball launcher is capable of. Thanks to Chuckit dog ball launcher, lesser effort, and greater throwing distance equals greater playtime. 

So it focuses on challenging your dog to run faster and build endurance.

This dog launcher comes in a variety of bright colors for grabbing your doggo’s attention. Not only that but Chuckit offers sizes suitable for small, medium, and large-sized dogs. 

It feature focuses on giving its customers the option of choosing the right launcher length. 

With Chuckit ball launcher, gone are the days when you have to grab a slimy and muddy ball every time your dog fetches it back. 

The handle is made from good-quality rubber for a better grip while throwing away the ball.

If your ball gets punctured, you can use any tennis ball. Just make sure that the size of the ball is a perfect fit for the launcher’s mouth. 

The best part about this dog launcher is its portability. It won’t take up much space and you can easily slide it down the car seat.

Specific Features

  • Small, medium, and large sizes available 

  • Comes with the option of 7 launcher lengths

  • Bright assorted colors

  • Chuckit tennis ball included 


  • Super economical price

  • Strong and sturdy built

  • Ergonomic rubber handle for better grip

  • Various handle lengths available for added convenience 


  • Can work with compatible balls only

  • Ball quality is not long-lasting

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2. Outward Hound Squeak Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher – Intriguing Design

Best Dog Launcher For Engrossed Playtime

Outward Hound Squeak Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher is an excellent dog ball launcher that comes with a unique feature that makes it an interactive toy as well. 

The handle is cleverly designed with a built-in squeaker. So whenever you feel like your dog is being distracted, you just squeeze the squeaker once and it will be back in a jiffy.

Outward Hound Launch A Ball

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The launch is amazing as it reaches 3 times farther than the throw. Because of its far reach, this ball launcher is highly recommended for outdoor play only. 

The material is sturdy and good for repeated use. Your doggo’s drool along with the dirt makes the ball messy but this dog launcher keeps your hand mess-free as you won’t have to touch the ball.

We do not recommend leaving toys unsupervised especially if you have an aggressive chewer at home. 

We also recommend choosing the ball size vigilantly while buying the product as the wrong-sized mini tennis balls may become a cause of choking hazards.

Specific Features

  • Fits 2.5-inch standard tennis balls

  • 3xfarther throw

  • Ergonomic rubber handle

  • Built-in Ssqueaker in the handle

  • Suitable for all breeds

  • Product weight 7.68 ounces

  • XS, small, medium, and large-sized balls available 


  • Easily washable

  • 4 sized balls are available

  • Comes with a built-in squeaker

  • Affordable price


  • Not chew safe

  • The handle comes in only one size

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3. Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy – Enhanced Design

Best Dog Ball Launcher For Easy Operation

If you need something powerful for your energetic dog, get Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy. It can launch tennis balls up to 50 fifty feet without you putting in as much effort. 

This dog ball launcher has Nerf toys quality which can withstand rough play and lasts for unlimited play time.

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy

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It comes with an easy pullback operation to load and shoot the ball. The toy has been tested for the safety of your dog. 

It is completely safe for your hands as well as all the moving mechanics takes place inside the plastic body of the blaster. 

Though it does make a loud bang when the ball is fired, nothing is unbearable though.

It offers hands-free pick-up. So it’s finally time to say no to the dog slobber mess. All in all, it is a great buy. 

So if you have a bad shoulder, get this ball blaster and bring the fun back into the fetch ball game.

Specific Features

  • Safety tested

  • Nerf quality

  • For small, medium, and large dogs

  • Patented safety pullback

  • The launch distance is 50 feet

  • Works with the standard 2.5-inch tennis ball

  • Removable ball clip

  • Hands-free ball pick up

  • Product weight 2.95 pounds


  • Durable material made for rough play

  • High range without the use of batteries

  • Offer hand protection from dog slobber

  • Easy pull-back mechanism


  • Loud noise may frighten some dogs

  • Relatively expensive compared to other dog ball launchers

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4. Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toy – Best Value

Most Cost-Effective Dog Ball Launcher 

Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher Interactive Dog Toy is an upgraded version of a manual dog ball launcher at the best possible price. 

Since it also works on the pullback approach, the launch reach is powerful and the ball can cover up to 75 feet of distance.

Hyper Pet Dog Ball Launcher

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The best part is that you get to choose the range you want to throw your ball at. It’s all very simple. 

You just have to pull the lever according to the distance you want the ball to travel. This feature makes it suitable for indoor play as well.

Like all other dog ball launchers, this one also offers hands-free pickup to avoid giving you the discomfort of icky hands. 

This dog ball launcher also has a “mini-me” which is ideal for small breed dogs.

Specific Features

  • One brightly colored Hyper pet ball included

  • Ball storage for two tennis balls

  • Product dimensions 24×7.3×3 inches

  • Product weight 1.65 pounds

  • Hands-free pick up

  • Modifiable range


  • Lightweight design is easy on the arms

  • Affordable price

  • Bright colored Hyper pet balls are easily spotted

  • Easy clean up


  • Rubber band used for launching the ball may wear off with the use

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5. iFetch Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs – Critically Acclaime

Dog Ball Launcher With Most Notable Function

In the mood to get an automatic dog launcher? iFetch Too Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs is your best bet. 

Quality, reliability, and consumer praise, this is how we would like to introduce you to this dog ball launcher.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs

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iFetch dog ball launcher comes in two sizes; small and large. The small one is perfect for small and medium-breed dogs. iFetch Too is for large breed dogs. 

There are three tennis balls included with the machine. A point to note here is that a wet ball can affect the efficiency of the machine.

We know what you are thinking. No, this dog ball thrower is not a boom box. The machine motor revs only when the ball is launching. 

Nothing will disrupt your peace or scare your dog away. It is great for outdoor as well as indoor playtime as you can adjust the throw length according to your need.

The company values its customers and offers great customer care. The product comes with one year warranty.

Specific Features

  • For small, medium, and large breed dogs

  • Package includes 3 mini 1.5-inch tennis balls

  • Supports power cord and batteries system (batteries not included)

  • Touch buttons for setting change

  • Customizable 3 launch distance settings

  • One year warranty included 

  • For indoor and outdoor play


  • Comes with rechargeable batteries

  • Offers one-year warranty

  • 3 mini balls included in the package

  • Does not make much noise


  • Not fit for regular tennis balls

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6. GoDogGo Fetch Automatic Machine Dog Ball Launcher – Larger Holding

Dog Ball Launcher With The Bigger Capacity

GoDogGo Fetch Automatic Machine Dog Ball Launcher is great if you have a very active dog and wants a longer playtime without any breaks. 

This automatic dog ball launcher is known for its more powerful machine and huge capacity. It comes with five tennis balls but it can hold up to a whopping 23 small-sized balls at one time. Wow.

GoDogGo Fetch Machine Dog Ball Launcher

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Here is another great feature of this automatic ball launcher. It launches the ball in a curved trajectory. 

This is to ensure the safety of people and pets around it. The dog ball launcher has a remote control so that you don’t have to get up to press any button every time.

The launch range is adjustable and lies between 10 to 60 feet. It is lightweight so carrying it around is not a big hassle. 

Not only that but you can also set the time interval between the throws. So if you are ready for a big investment, consider the GoDogGo ball launcher as your pick.

Specific Features

  • 4,5, and 7sec time interval settings available

  • Safety arc for safe play

  • Works with 23 small-sized balls

  • Hand-held remote

  • 3 launch distance settings 

  • Big-mouthed ergonomic bucket

  • Auto stop option

  • AC adapter and rechargeable batteries

  • 6 months warranty


  • Wide mouth ergonomic bucket for pet’s ease

  • Lightweight for easy carrying

  • Comes with remote control

  • Offers 3 distance and time settings

  • Comes with rechargeable batteries


  • The motor is not easy on the ears

  • Relatively expensive than other products

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7. Franklin Pet Supply Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs – Most Reliable 

Most Convenient Dog Puzzle Toy For Fetch Game

Franklin Pet Supply Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs offers a simple technique for playing fetch ball with your dog without giving your shoulders stress. 

The launcher is made from high-quality material for repeated use. The handle is ergonomic with a rubber covering so that you have a good grip while throwing the ball.

Franklin Pet Supply Tennis Ball Launcher for Dogs

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With one easy motion, you can throw the ball double the distance without stressing out your lower back. 

The key feature of this manual dog ball launcher is the durable flex joint just before the handle. 

The launcher comes with a premium Franklin Pet Supply tennis ball. But here’s the twist. The ball has a built-in squeaker. So every time your doggo fetches the ball, it would squeaky as a reward. 

And yes, this dog ball launcher does not let your hands get all slobbery as the launcher mouth is designed for easy ball pickup without having to use the hands.

This product is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space. So that it is easier for you to slide it under the car seat or fit it in your camping gear.

Specific Features

  • Durable flex joint for less stress

  • For small, medium, and large breeds

  • 25-inch long handle

  • Hands-free ball pick up

  • Harmonizes with standard tennis wall

  • Product weight 8 ounces

  • Product dimensions 25 x 2.75 x 2 inches


  • Extremely affordable

  • For all ages and sizes

  • Comfortable ergonomic handle

  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers 

  • Be vary of the compatibility of the ball for your dog’s safety

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8. PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher – Stylish Design

Dog Ball Launcher With The Most Attractive Outlook

PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher is one of the smartest automatic dog ball launchers on the market. 

There we said it. With so many perks, one can easily say that. But yes, it does come with a cost. It has to be one of the highest-costing ones out there as well. 

This automatic dog ball thrower can also be used to professionally train your dog.

PetSafe Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

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The stylish-looking automatic dog ball launcher can be used for indoor as well as outdoor play. 

The throw ranges between 8 to 30 feet and has 9 different speed settings. Not only that but you can control the angle of the throw as well. It also has 6 angle settings you can choose from.

There is this front motion sensor that provides maximum safety for anyone around in the range of 7 feet. 

Another feature to talk about is the automatic rest interval that comes after 15 minutes of playtime. 

Specific Features

  • For small, medium, and large breed dogs

  • Built-in motion sensor

  • Easy carry scandal

  • Automatic sleep mode

  • Holds three standard-sized balls

  • For indoor and outdoor play

  • Water resistant

  • 6D batteries or power cord

  • 2-sec motion delay 

  • Automatic sleep mode


  • Goes to sleep mode automatically after 30 minutes of being idle

  • Special handle for convenient carrying

  • Multiple safety sensors for the dog and owner

  • Water resistant


  • High cost as compared to other automatic ball launchers

  • Very loud

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Now that we’ve looked at the 8 best dog ball launchers of 2023, let’s discuss the things that you should keep in mind before buying one.

4 Factors To Consider When Buying A Dog Ball Launcher

Dog ball launcher creates a win-win situation for you and your dog. It brings ease to you while not compromising on your dog’s fun time.

 This is why this product is becoming a favorite of every dog parent. But there are certain things you should consider before buying one for your dog. 

After all, you don’t want to waste your money on something that won’t see the daylight. To help you get this straight, here is a word from our experts.

I. Cost VS Quality

Quality and cost are both essential factors that one looks for when buying any product. 

Each is important in its way and sometimes they are both interlinked. You may get attracted to a low costing product but do you think it will last?

This is where quality steps in. From an expert’s perspective, these both factors should be in harmony with each other. 

A dog ball launcher that is only going to work for a few times is not worth buying even if you have to pay peanuts for it.

II. Automatic Or Manual 

When you are out there buying a dog ball launcher, you will find yourself torn between two categories. Automatic and manual. 

Manual options, although not the best in terms of quality are the most cost-effective. If you are someone who is physically fit and looking for ways to bond with your dog, go for this category. 

One downside of manual ball launchers is they can become an easy target for your dog’s love for chewing.

Automatic ball throwers will cost more. But they will be bringing more to the table than the other one in the running. 

Automatic ones can prove to be most useful for senior citizens or individuals with a super busy routine or having some kind of aliment.

III. Dog Size

The size of the launcher and your dog should synchronize. Choosing an incorrect size of the dog ball launcher can prove to be a choking hazard for your dog. 

Yes, it is this serious. In fact, the article here has identified it as one of the top reasons why dogs may choke.

Most dog ball launchers especially from good brands offer three general sizes; small, medium, and large. They also mention the size in inches of the respective balls.

Do your research well. If you have a large size dog, say a Goldie, don’t pick out a 1.5-inch mini tennis ball. As mentioned earlier, it can be fatal for your dog. 

Usually, standard-sized tennis balls of 2.5 inches are suitable for all sizes. Look for brands that offer this medium range.

IV. Is It For Outdoor Or Indoor Play

Are you living in an arrangement where staying indoors mostly is the thing? If you want something indoors, it should come with adjustable throwing speed, distance, and angle settings. 

You will find these kinds of intricacies in automatic ball throwers. For that purpose, you will have to spend more than what a manual one will cost you.

If it is for outdoor playtime, you can easily go for manual ones. Their throw speed, angle, and distance are not automated. 

And hence can get out of hand at times. If you want to get an auto ball launcher for outdoors, make sure you buy a waterproof one.


Every dog is bananas about fetch-ball.

Let’s just say it’s a doggo instinct and a great way to bond with your furry friend. But this fun game doesn’t remain much fun for you if it starts taking a toll on your physical well-being. 

That is why our dog experts recommend investing in a dog ball launcher.

Our “dig deep” review places Chuckit Outdoor Sport Dog Ball Launcher at the top position for being the most affordable and convenient.

The second spot is taken by Outward Hound Squeak Interactive Dog Tennis Ball Launcher for its attention-grabbing design.

On the third spot, we have Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster Dog Toy for its finest and long-lasting quality.

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