Dog Checkup: Importance and What to Expect?

dog checkup

Having a dog is a significant responsibility, and we recognize that every owner strives to maintain their pet’s happiness and health through regular vet check-ups. We take pleasure in engaging with our loving pets, giving them high-quality nutrition, and making sure they get plenty of physical activity.

But, most owners don’t feel that their dog needs a veterinary checkup unless it is sick. If you have the same perception, think again!

Our dogs cannot talk to us, so how do we know if they face an underlying health issue? So, the best choice is to have regular dog checkups to keep your pet healthy.

Why is a dog checkup important?

Regular dog checkups ensure that your fellow is in the best health condition. Through the full examination, the vet can determine if there is a chance of any health issue in the future. In this way, you can prevent the disease before it becomes life-threatening for your dog.

Many times, owners notice unusual behaviors of their dogs, which make them worried. So, a health checkup schedule is the best time to discuss your dog’s behavior with the vet and determine whether it should be a concern, and find some appropriate solutions.

How often should you take your dog to the vet for a checkup?

Taking our dog for a checkup only when it is not feeling well isn’t a good idea at all. Even if the dog is in the best health, it can develop some unnoticeable diseases in the future. Only a vet is capable of determining and preventing them.

So, to keep your furry pal healthy, it is better to take it for a full dog checkup once a year. However, the need for a checkup increases, particularly in older dogs.

The reason for this is that dogs age 5-10 years faster than humans. So, there may be some health issues that only a vet can diagnose.

If your dog is young, you must perform an annual dog checkup to ensure its health. When it grows into an adult, the need for a frequent checkup increases. So, taking your dog to the vet every six months is the best choice.

What happens at a dog checkup?

During the dog checkup, the vet will do a physical examination and perform some tests. This will help ensure that your dog is in the best health condition.

Physical examination:

The vet will follow the following steps during the physical examination.

  • He will check your dog’s temperature to determine anything wrong inside the dog’s body. The average dog temperature is 101 – 102.5 degrees.
  • He will then examine your dog’s ears to know about any ear infection. These infections usually start deep in the ear canal, so only the vet can diagnose them.
  • The dog’s skin and coat say a lot about its health. So, the vet will check its skin and coat. He will also look for fleas and parasites. If the skin is clean and the coat is shiny, it means that the dog is fine.
  • A vet may also perform an oral cavity examination, and determine if the dog has cavities.
  • The dog’s abdomen also tells a lot about its internal health. Many owners find out that their dog is pregnant during the checkup. Many other severe health issues can also come into notice by examining the dog’s abdomen.
  • The vet will identify the dog’s heartbeat through the stethoscope. An irregular heartbeat indicates that the dog is having problems inside the body. He might also examine the lungs.
  • Examining the eyes is also an essential step in the physical examination of the dog. It ensures whether the dog is suffering from an eye infection like cataracts. If the vet detects any, he will start the treatment immediately to stop the disease.
  • The vet will also check if the dog’s toenails are long. If they are, he will trim them. Checking the paws also informs the vet about the condition of the paw pads.
Internal examination:

The internal examination of the dog includes a urine test, fecal test, and blood test. The urine test informs about urinary tract infections. Besides, the fecal tests help determine any internal parasites.

Besides, the blood test will help the vet find out about the general health of the dog.

So, if your vet recommends any extra test, make sure that you follow the recommendations.

How much does a veterinarian visit cost?

The average cost of an annual wellness exam for the dog is around $45-55. However, it does not include any extra tests the vet might recommend.

This dog checkup cost is not high. So, it is always a better idea to take annual wellness examinations seriously.

Always ensure routine checkups!

A dog checkup is not a time-consuming and costly process. It only makes you relaxed that your dog has good health.

So, every owner needs to follow a routine checkup. This process is fun, and once the dog becomes familiar with the vet, it won’t feel afraid. So, eep your best friend in the best health through annual and biannual checkups.


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