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Dog Day 2017: 8 Bulldogs Celebrating Their Special Day

Featured image by @seattlebullies
Happy Dog Day 2017! If you’re a dog owner, then you know how special this day is for all of us. Although we’re only focusing on Bulldogs today, we wish all the breeds a great day! No matter if you own a poodle, a Yorkie or a Maltese because you’re going to love these Bulldogs as well. We visited our Bulldogology Town citizens for the respective congratulations and caught some of them in amazing moments!

1. What a better way of celebrating this Dog Day 2017 than bringing new dogs to this world.


2. Oh, mom! Thank you for these flowers, but you know I love red roses.


3. No, please don’t get us wrong, this is pure love because we can’t be apart.


4. You said you would give me cookies because I look beautiful in every picture you post.


5. My dad is cool, but I’m the coolest because I’m rolling this thing like no other dog.


6. Happy Dog Day 2017? Please don’t be mad because I only thought of helping you to do the dishes.


7. I’ve got this Dog Day 2017 treat because I’m the coolest Bulldog in town and dad knows I love this.


8. Thank you for the picture mom. But, can you please buy a cake for the party?


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