Dog Swimming Pool: 7 Most Popular Swimming Pool Brands Review

Dog swimming pool

Just like people, dogs also delight in cooling off in the pool during hot weather. While they can dive into larger bodies of water such as lakes, finding such spots isn’t always easy. Have you considered purchasing the finest dog swimming pool on the market for your cherished pet?

Finding the best pool for your pet requires research to ensure it fits him right. Let us help you with that. Consider the following pools for dogs as they are the top ones.

Best Swimming Pools for Dogs

Top 7 Dog Swimming Pools: Reviews

Narrow down your list of the best pet swimming pools and choose the best for your pooch.

1. Delifur’s Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

Delifur’s Foldable Dog Swimming Pool is designed and manufactured based on fiberboard and PVC. Thanks to its well-sealed corners making its last for years even when your large dog plays in it.

The pool is easy to use and store with its foldable feature.

It is available in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large. You can even put several dogs inside its largest pool.

This pool is sturdy enough to stand up to the rough play of pets involving things that can damage it.

Also, cleaning it is very easy using a gentle cleanser and a hose.

Key Feature:

  • Very durable
  • Have various sizes
  • Based on quality materials
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Foldability making it easy to store and carry
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with a drain
  • Enjoyable not just for dogs but for children as well


  • No non-slip bottom

2. Jasonwell Large Foldable Dog Pool

Leave the worry of not finding dog pools for large dogs. You can choose Jasonwell Large Foldable Dog Pool if your pet is one of them.

The swimming pool is made from environmental-friendly materials so it is safe for him. You need not inflate the pool. Just unfold it then fill it with water to start the fun for your pup.

When he is done bathing and playing inside, simply drain out the water through its bottom side drain.

Unlike the other large dog pools, this product is equipped with an extra-thick, non-stick texture bottom.

Its side panels offer rigidity ensuring its stability while it remains soft and comfortable.

It is one of the collapsible pools you might consider for your big furry pal. Moreover, this can be the best option for ball pit use.

Key Features:

  • Has drain plug making it easy to empty and fold
  • The material used is extra rough PVC
  • The bottom portion has slip-resistant material
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Lightweight for easy carrying


  • Durable pool
  • Portable and resilient
  • 5 different sizes
  • Easy storage system
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Issues on rips or punctures
  • Cleaning its side walls is challenging
  • The tendency to collapse outward

3. Decdeal Collapsible Swimming Pool

If you are on a tight budget, you might consider the Decdeal Collapsible Swimming Pool. Decdeal specifically developed the pool for dogs and cats ensuring its lasting use.

It is both collapsible and portable so you can carry it wherever and whenever you would like to carry it. Setting up this pool is easy-breezy as it only involves unfolding it and filling it with water using your garden hose.

The paddling pool has a durable construction system that is environmentally friendly. It can best hold large and medium dogs considering its height and weight.

Key Features:

  • Large dog pool
  • The material used is based on extra-tough PVC to resist pet’s claws
  • Equipped with a plastic drain spout that emptying it and refreshing water is made easy
  • Has storage bag for protection while not in use
  • Portable and easy to transport


  • Simple usage
  • Easy to assemble and drain
  • Great for a pet to play and have fun
  • Durable materials used
  • Portable anywhere


  • The pool may not be recommendable to aggressive chewers
  • Safety of the pool to dogs was not disclosed

4. Yaheetech Pet Bath Pool

Try Yaheetech Pet Bath Pool if you are into a tough pool. This large plastic pool for dogs has a high-quality PVC structure outside and thick MBF plates inside.

With its huge size and durable materials, it can withstand tough and playful canines. It has reinforced edges that are wrapped to prevent leaks and breakage. Its bottom part is made of an anti-skid material to avoid possible slip.

Your golden retriever pet will have fun playtime with its 63-inch width and 11.8-inch depth. It can even be used both by your pet and your kids at home.

You can put it indoor or outdoor whichever your preference.

This item from Yaheetech is also new in the category of plastic dog pools with its anti-ultraviolet coating and resistance to cold.

You can easily refresh its water with its drainage hole. Unfold it then fill it up with water and you are all set up.

Key Features:

  • Complete anti-ultraviolet coating
  • Durable materials including PVC and MDF board
  • Cold resistance
  • Reinforced edges


  • Waterproof and non-toxic
  • Has drainage hole for easy emptying
  • Resistant to tear and leaks
  • Comes with installed fireboards
  • High quality
  • Usable either indoor or outdoor


  • Expensive compared to the other large pools
  • Less tested and uncertain whether it can last long since it is new in the market

5. Running Pet Swimming Pool

Apart from babies, dogs also love dog pits. While not all dog swimming pools can make great indoor ball pits, Running Pet Swimming Pool offers a versatile function. This pool is smaller than the others making it usable outdoors and indoors.

It does have a drain at the side keeping you the worry of accidental opening and flooding inside the house.

The item is fully covered with a special fabric that comes with a durable PVC support.

This material keeps your pooch from tearing the swimming pool through his teeth or claws. It could be the best choice for the toughest and roughest dogs.

While it has additional stability, you can still fold it for easy cleanup and storage. Its smooth surface makes it quick to set up or take down which makes to cut your set up time then.

Key Features:

  • Small size which makes it great for indoor use
  • Foldable for ease in cleaning and storage
  • Made from durable material


  • Has a stable design
  • Durability and versatility in usage
  • Easy to set up
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to carry and store


  • Its drain plug is placed at the side making it less likely to have an easy emptying after use

6. Petsfit Portable Outdoor Pool

Leakproof Petsfit Portable Outdoor Pool is specifically developed for dogs with size from small to medium. The pool is made from quality fabric, its thin walls are coated with a wireframe, and materials like waterproof nylon and oxford.

It has a unique structure that makes it look flimsy yet durable.

The texture of the fabric is similar to a flat pack tent, which is very easy to set up and packed up with its collapsible wire-framed sturdy panels.

This pet pool is designed by Petsfit for pups weighing as much as 80 pounds.

It can be folded to the size of its side walls making it easy to transport and store. You need not puncture it and it can withstand your pet’s sharp claws without damaging the product.

Key Features:

  • Portable since it is easy to fold and store
  • Simple to use as it does not need inflation
  • Lightweight when folded
  • Durable and slip-resistant
  • Supportive heavy coated-wire frame


  • Durability
  • Lightweight and portability
  • Easy to drain
  • Foldable
  • Easy to store


  • Only available in one size
  • Pricey
  • Does not have a drain system to empty
  • Uncertain stability

7. Cuteboom’s Water Pool

Cuteboom’s Water Pool is best in terms of durability making it notable as a hard plastic dog pool. This swimming pool is made from Fiberboard and safe PVC materials with sealed corners which makes it ultra-durable.

It serves as a solid option when the claws of your dog were broken through anything.

Although it is made for pooches, it is also great for cats, pigs, and other animals doing fun.

The pool has a seamless construction that gives it outstanding durability.

It has 3 sizes to choose from to fit your dog’s watering needs. It cannot be easily destroyed.

Key Features:

  • Textured surface giving pets a good grip to avoid probable falls and slips
  • Has aftermarket drain spouts for easy emptying
  • Has a seamless construction that makes it very durable
  • Various sizes for several watering needs


  • Pool is indestructible
  • Long-lasting product
  • Very durable
  • Lightweight
  • Not easily damaged


  • Bulky in its size
  • Not that portable
  • Storing is not easy to do

With this list of dog swimming pools, you might be asking next how to know that the pool you are choosing a certain product. Continue your reading about these pet-friendly pools:

Factors in Choosing the Best Pool for Your Dog

Consider the following things in your selection of the right, doable swimming pool.


Know the main reason why you are purchasing a dog’s swimming pool in the first place. Your purpose could be to provide a swimming space for your four-legged friend or just ward off the heat.

Whatever it will be, be sure to cut down the item’s dimensions based on your planned usage. Decide whether you need it to be shallow or deep. Your chosen dog pool must serve its exact purpose as expected.


Think about the activity level or roughness of your pooch. This would have a great influence on the material pool that you should buy. Get to know more about your pet’s behavior as some dogs tend to chill while others are hyperactive.

Imagine how he will be interacting with it. If your pal is a chewer or scratcher type, select one with strong and durable material. Go for one that is built-in PVC if he is calm or docile.


The size or dimensions of the pool would be on your checklist. Of course, you would not want to draw down or jam your dog.

Focus on the width and height of the item to give him enough space to stand then dip his body with no risk at all. Pick the size of the pool matching the size of your pup. Check the sizing charts to figure out the exact size of the pool.


Pick the pool that will serve its purpose for years – that is the quality of the product. It is expected to work one season in minimum for a regular pool.

As a result, it would be great to invest in a high-quality item if you only have the right budget. On the other hand, balance the price with the quality if your fund is limited.


Keep in mind that dogs can be tough and rough while inside the pool, especially if they are hyper. Most pools are made to become more durable compared to the average inflatable pool.

Any pool is specifically developed to withstand hyper pooch. A durable type would be the best if your pet is that rough.

Ease of Use

You may not find it important but the ease of using the doggy pool is something you should look into. Among the options, you may have at hand are pools that will just pop up to open or those with air compressor you need to pull out to open.

Also, this is considered a good deciding factor if you want it simple to use.


Since you will not be using the pool throughout the year, make sure that you will select one that is easy to store when not in use. This will keep you from getting an ornament preventing it from exposure to some elements.

Never leave a pool outside during winter to avoid leaks. Most pools are collapsible. Some pools allow dogs to be comfortable and those with storage bags. Whatever be the model you buy, just be sure to decide otherwise, you may consider our list.


lastly, price is almost always one of the deciding factors when you purchase a pool especially if you are on a budget. The price ranges from less expensive to the pricey ones.

The thing here is the act of balancing your budget and the need for your furry friend. You also have to check how your pal responds or reacts when swimming or playing in the water. The quality and durability of your chosen product are considered here.

Do not take these factors for granted as they will give you assurance in getting a good dog pool. Make the most of your time in searching for the right item that is suitable for your pup. Give him a favor so as yourself then.

Precautionary Notes

Practice caution. Even when you have bought the exact pool for your friend, a fur-parent should never leave his pup alone with it.

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere even if he is well-trained and/or a great swimmer. What is relevant is your availability whenever anything may happen.

Some of the possible accidents that can happen in the pool may include:

  • Falling due to a reckless play
  • Injury because of the slippery surfaces
  • Higher drowning risk for dogs with medical conditions such as syncope and seizures

In case you have no bathtub at home, this pool can work and serve its purpose. This can be a better choice since it is handy. The dog pools presented above are both portable and compact making them easy for you to store for future use.

Final Remarks:

Whether it is for a medicated bath or simply for a splash to beat the summer heat, dog swimming pools can serve more than a single purpose. You may even use it in training your pal not to get scared having contact with water for his swimming lessons.

Similarly, this is just as when you are housetraining him. Another consideration, you can do this with the help of the pool. Consider the factors mentioned above for your final purchase.

More importantly, never force your dog inside the tank but let him comfortable with it first.

Our top pick?

Delifur’s Foldable Dog Swimming Pool is the best among the other pools in the list. It has everything that the best dog pool may have to. Everything about the material used, its versatility, durability, and the variety of its size are present in this pool.

So, use the information you have just learned so that you will have the best swimming pool for your dog. Go for the extra strong dog swimming pool whenever possible. Have the best of luck in your find and purchase of the ultimate dog pool then.

Featured Image Source: Marcia Soligo on Unsplash

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