Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water? Common Causes and Solutions!

Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water

Several factors could be causing your dog to vomit water, including everything from ingesting water too quickly to experiencing gastrointestinal issues.

It’s okay if your dog vomits water occasionally. Dog throwing up water can happen after an intense play on hot days. In most cases, this is normal and nothing to be worried about.

But if your dog continues vomiting water, it might indicate serious health issues demanding prompt treatment. Chronic vomiting should not be ignored. It could be related to a disease, condition, or infection affecting your dog’s health.

Luckily, there are many effective treatment options for this medical emergency. However, as pet owners, it’s essential to understand the underlying cause of your dog throwing up water.

5 Reasons Your Dog Throws Up After Drinking Water

Dog vomiting clear liquid or accompanied by undigested food can be due to a plethora of reasons. In this guide, we’ll review the common causes of dog vomiting after drinking water.

Drinking Water Quickly

In most cases, dogs throw up after downing too much water. After a long walk on a sunny day or intense activities, dogs can’t resist lapping a tremendous amount of water which can lead to acute regurgitation.

This condition happens because the dog’s stomach is getting filled with water at a rapid rate.

This drinking habit can be curbed by placing a clean stone in their water bowl to ensure your dog drinks water slowly. If this is the cause of your dog throwing up after drinking, then the dog’s vomit should be liquid and clear.

Feeling Nauseous

Dogs tend to do a lot of awkward stuff when feeling nauseous, including deliberately drinking water in large quantities to throw up.

In this case, dog owners will notice that the vomit is a clear liquid, either the unsettled water or their stomach secretions.

If so, feed your furry friend bland dog food like plain, cooked chicken. This should help settle your dog’s upset stomach.

While this can quickly be resolved at home, frequent vomiting can make your dog sick. So, if your dog keeps throwing up after drinking water, seek a vet immediately.

Contaminated water

During walks, dogs are more likely to drink water from stagnant water to quench their thirst, especially during scorching hot days.

As a dog owner, you should consider how your dog addresses his thirst during walks. Drinking contaminated water from stagnant pools can be the reason your dog throws up.

Truth be told, we often allow our pups to take a good lap of water from ponds to cool off. However, this fresh water might contain parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc., that can cause stomach upset.

Alternatively, taking a bottle of water with you during long walks would be best to reduce your dog’s exposure to chemical runoff, intestinal parasites, and harmful bacteria.


When your dog vomits, accompanied by severe abdominal pain, it’s likely your pup suffers from bloat. This is a potentially life threatening condition, which is as a result of overly stretching the stomach. This restricts blood flowing into the abdomen and stomach.

Common symptoms to look out for includes pale gums, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, drooling, etc. If your vomiting dog exhibits one or more symptoms, seek your vet immediately. Ignoring the signs can put your dog’s life at risk.

Food sensitivity

According to the latest veterinarian research, some dogs are likely to vomit water due to food sensitivities. In this case, it’s not uncommon to see your dog suffer from excessive gas or diarrhea.

If it’s a food sensitivity vomiting dog, you can easily resolve this issue by ensuring it drinks lots of water. Also, you should avoid feeding your dog table scraps or human food.

Conversely, if your dog exhibits any allergic reaction despite providing only pet food, take your dog to the vet.

Blue green algae

As stated earlier, your dog is likely to throw up after drinking water from ponds and pools. The reason is this stagnant water contains traces of blue green algae, which occurs naturally in small lakes, canals, streams, and rivers.

Sadly, this algae is not easily noticed except you can see the bottom of the water.

Dog vomiting after drinking water: Related FAQs

Why does my dog throw up after drinking from a specific water bowl?

If you notice your dog vomit when you offer water in a specific bowl, it might be because your pup is sensitive to the bowl’s material. Water bowls are made of different materials, from stainless steel to ceramic. So, changing your pet’s water bowl is best to avoid allergic reactions after drinking water.

What should I do if my dog vomits food along with water after drinking?

If your pet keeps vomiting food and water after drinking, it might be signaling an issue with your dog’s food pipe or digestive tract.

It is recommended to seek veterinary attention to determine the underlying cause and provide appropriate treatment.

Can throwing up water after drinking indicate kidney failure or kidney disease?

While dogs throwing up water after drinking can be linked to kidney issues in some cases, it is not a definitive indicator of kidney failure or kidney disease. Other symptoms and diagnostic tests are typically required to determine if there is an underlying kidney problem.

Dog Throwing Up After Drinking Water: Conclusion

We’ve mentioned the common causes behind your pet throwing up after drinking water. However, countless reasons that could upset your dog’s stomach.

In most cases, you can easily improve your dog’s condition by figuring out what your dog ate or drank prior to throwing up the water. Avoiding these triggers can help settle your dog’s upset stomach and keep the vomiting at bay.

If you are still concerned or the vomiting hasn’t stopped, visit your vet for some tests and physical examination to determine the underlying cause of your dog’s sickness and proffer the right treatment plan.

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