Dogs on Vacation: The Most Important Things To Take!

dogs on vacation

Family vacations are certainly the most awaited moments of your year, offering a chance to relax and enjoy meaningful moments with your children. Adding a sprinkle of joy, why not think about bringing your dogs along? The concept of dogs joining in on the vacation fun is quite exciting, right? Now, let’s explore all the necessary items you’ll need when organizing a trip with your beloved pets!

Things you need while taking dogs on vacation

Traveling with pets is almost the same as having your baby with you — you need to be really prepared! So, what are the things that you need to pack? Here’s our list of recommendations!

A dog carrier

Traveling with your dog can be fun and convenient when you have a dog carrier with you. The carrier will keep them stable and safe, and they won’t fall whenever the vehicle takes a turn.
Make sure to fasten their seatbelt before traveling!
If you don’t have a carrier, a crate will do the job.
But, make sure that your dog is crate-trained before you go.

Your dog’s toys and treats

As traveling is stressful for dogs, taking their favorite toys and treats will help them gain familiarity with the changing environment.
When stressed, dogs can also start chewing on things they see around. So, instead of getting the car damaged from your dog’s teeth, give chew toys to calm your dog down.
You can also reward your dog with special treats from time to time if it behaves well.

Dog food and water

Both food and water are essential while traveling with dogs. Make sure you take the food your dog has been eating recently and the bowl as well.
As dogs need plenty of water, the best idea is to take a dog water bottle to keep it hydrated.
The change in environment may discourage it from eating. So, treats can do the job!

Poop Bags

Poop bags are the first thing to take while traveling with dogs. As you cannot always stop at certain spots during a long trip, poop bags or puppy pee pads will help avoid the mess by storing the waste.

Vet records

You can always expect to get asked about the dog’s health by authorities while being with dogs on vacation.
So, it is always a better idea to take the vet record and vaccination schedule with you. You can also get it microchipped for safety reasons.
If the state requires a dog health certificate, don’t forget it too!

Dog harness

A dog collar or harness is perhaps an essential thing to take while going with dogs on vacation. As there are high risks of the dog getting lost on vacation, you can keep it safe and protected by using a collar.
The best idea is to have a special dog collar with your name and contact information on it so that someone can help you if they find your lost dog.

Seat cover

It is a better idea to have seat covers when traveling with dogs in a car. It will help keep the car clean from the mess. If the dog sheds, the hair won’t scatter. You can also use cargo liners when traveling by plane.

First-aid kit

Dogs may get sick due to continuous stress or anxiety while traveling. In this case, they can become ill.
Keeping a first-aid kit with you is the best choice to plan ahead of time. Your vet will guide you about all the medicines you will need.

Things to consider while flying with a large dog

As you can take small dogs on vacation with you, large dogs can also enjoy this time as well.
Yes, you can take large dogs on a plane!
Most airlines allow pets to ride in an airplane, but rules can vary from flight to flight. Most of the time, your dog will need to fly in a cabin.
It can be a frustrating feeling. While the dog is already stressed out, separation anxiety will make a few hours a nightmare for it.

How to make it a pleasant experience?

While going with a large dog on vacation, you can always make sure to provide it with a home-like feeling.

  • While a carrier or dog crate is what you need first, you can add your dog’s blanket and its favorite toys to make it feel safe.
  • Also, make sure that the crate is large enough to accommodate your dog.
  • Adding a label on the crate with your name, address, and phone number is the best choice to relocate if your dog is lost.

Where can I go on vacation with my dog?

There are several ideas for taking your dog on vacation with you.

  • If you cannot take your large dog on a plane, consider planning a road trip. It is also an affordable option and will help you stay close to your dog.
  • Camping with your dog is also an excellent idea to spend your vacation.
  • You can also plan air travel for vacation. It is more expensive, but a better idea when traveling to far-off places.
  • Many hotels have now become pet-friendly, and you might not need to pay an extra fee for keeping your pet. So, staying at a hotel won’t be difficult!

Enjoy with your dogs on vacation!

Although you need to consider several things while taking your dogs on vacation, the memories you will acquire are incomparable.
You can get a traveling bag for dogs so you can have all the necessary supplies for the trip organized.
If you are traveling with your dog for the first time, our guide will help you prepare for the vacation ahead of time.
If you found this guide amazing, let us know in the comments!

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