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Dress Up Your Pet Day: Does Your Bulldog Love Getting Dressed?

Featured image by @harrison_the_bulldog
Once your Bulldog allows you to dress it up, it means that both of you are in a different level of your relationship. We all love how our dogs look dressed up, and we can imagine a thousand costumes we would like to buy for them. But the real question is: does your Bulldog like that you dress it up? You can figure it out scrolling down and watching what our citizens think.

1. You see, I love costumes, it makes me look cool for the girls!

2. As long as they dress me up with something comfortable as pajamas, I won’t complain.

3. Of course, I love to be dressed up by my parents! I look so tough and manly.

4. Not sure if I like this outfit, but certainly, I like to get dressed.

5. I’ve told you a thousand times! I don’t like pink and girly outfits.

6. How many times do I have to tell you that Christmas is over?

7. When your parents are fanatics, there’s no way you can’t stop them from dressing you up!

Dress Up Bulldogs

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