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Dress Up Your Pet Day 2018: 8 Funny Bulldogs With Costumes

Featured image by @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher
Sometimes, wearing a costume is something you teach your dog while raising it. Furthermore, you want it to look awesome for pictures and special occasions. So, in Bulldogology Town, we’ve got a special day to rock with clothes on. It’s called Dress Up Your Pet Day. And, we know our bullies love it as much as their parents.

1. Guess who’ve got swag? Yes, that’s me, and I’m ready to show it.

2. I can’t get over Christmas. Thence, I won’t stop using this amazing Santa costume

3. Do you want me to pose like this or you need a different angle? Please, tell me.

4. Dress up your pet day is for getting a comfortable costume. Therefore, I’m planning to stay like this all day.

5. I just love to wear this shirt. Besides, all girls love a sporty boy.

6. When you get dressed up, you need to it right. And, send the right the message too.

7. I can’t explain to you how much I love this outfit. But, let’s say I look the best.

8. When you’re a queen, you just need a good crow. Hence, I’ve got the best in the kingdom.

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