Top 9 Dry Shampoo for Dogs: How It Works and What You Need to Know

Dry shampoo for dogs

For some dogs, taking a bath can be an exciting and fun experience, while for others, it might require the assistance of two or three individuals.

Fur parents know that a regular bath for their pups is necessary as the smells they accumulate can be unbearable.

However, some dogs are reluctant to bathe. Worry not because a dry shampoo for dogs is now available in pet stores or department stores.

Yes, there are a lot of these canine dry shampoos in the market to choose from. The next thing you need to know is how to pick the best dry dog shampoo.

Our top pick is Dry & Waterless Deep Cleaning Dog Shampoo

Warren London Dry and Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo

How will you be certain enough that it is the right one for your canine companion?

Does dry shampoo work for him or would you rather stick to organic dog shampoo? What do you think? There’s one way to find out then. Just read through and let us guide you.

Best Waterless Shampoo for Dogs List

Here are the dry dog shampoos we collated and reviewed for you:

Best Dry Shampoo For Dogs See for the best selection and value. #commissionsearned

Before discussing each of these waterless shampoos, let’s have an overview of what dry dog shampoo is and how it works. 

What is Dry Shampoo?

Dry/waterless shampoo has surged in popularity because it is a water and time saver when bathing your pets especially those resistant to get wet.

The shampoo is a cleansing product that does not require rinsing with water.

It has active ingredients based on starch or alcohol to soak up the sweat and oils from your hair. It absorbs excess sebum, eradicates dirt, and has a deodorizing effect.

There are different types of dry shampoos for canines.

  • Sprays and aerosols – These products have apple cider vinegar, honey, and Cocamidopropyl.
  • Foams – Massaged against the direction of hair growth to get rid of adhered dirt and muck. 
  • Powdered cleansers – May include Zea mays, essential oils, and sodium bicarbonate. Use through product distribution unto the pet’s coat. They require thorough brushing to get rid of the excess dirt and powder.

Dry shampoos are a great way to keep your furry best friend fresh in between his baths giving his coat a terrific smell.  

How Does Dry Shampoo Work?

Waterless shampoos for dogs work depending on their active ingredients.

Basically, they function through the absorption of build-up sebum or oil in the coat of your dog. Their main base ingredients clay and starch absorb excess moisture.

Some scents and fragrances help control odor. The absorbent properties they contain bind to dirt particles which make them easier to eliminate when you wipe or brush his fur.

They have pH-altering substances that encourage the right bacteria and discourage those who are smelly. 

It would be a good idea to give your pet waterless baths in between times. Also, it is great to discuss this before he contaminates your furniture.

Let’s go focus on our list of the best-rated dog dry shampoos in the market.

9 Best Dry Shampoos for Dogs

Turn stressful bath time into a fun activity for your pooch with any of the following waterless shampoos. 

1. Warren London’s Dry & Waterless Deep Cleaning Dog Shampoo

Tame the smell of your furry buddy and keep his coat look great with Dry & Waterless Deep Cleaning Dog Shampoo from Warren London. The shampoo contains natural active ingredients keeping him tidy in between baths.

Warren London Dry and Waterless Deep Cleaning Shampoo

It is easy to apply and pat into his coat because of its light spray consistency.

Spray this no-rinse formula on your desired area and soak it in before whipping the clean. You may also let it air dry.

This dog dry shampoo’s natural green apple scent smell makes it the best deodorizer. It is very convenient in keeping him fresh on the go or when traveling. 

Specific Features:

  • Convenient dog shampoo
  • With a subtle and refreshing scent of green apple
  • Easy to use and clean without rinsing
  • Offers scent that lasts for hours
  • Works on different dog coats


  • Usable between your pooch’s full baths
  • May not have an effect on existing flea treatments
  • Does not contain detergents, parabens, or soap
  • Dispense fine mist


  • Scent left on dog coat after spraying may not be that strong
2. Bio-Groom Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo

Bio-Groom Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo is an easy-to-use shampoo that does not require rinsing and wetting.

This wipe-off shampoo keeps your dog smell great and clean when his traditional bath is not possible.

Bio-Groom Waterless Cats and Dog Bath Shampoo

It removes stains, cleans gently, and valuable for quick touch-ups as it does not change the dog coat appearance.

Many use the shampoo when bathing is not convenient for your pet. 

The no-rinse formula does not contain alcohol and it is tearless. It is safe to use when your pet is having tick and flea treatments.

With its sustainable, biodegradable, and plant-based formula, it is also safe for the environment other than your pet.

Top groomers and breeders highly recommend it to pet owners. 

Specific Features:

  • Does not contain coat- and skin-drying alcohol
  • Comes with pH-balanced and tearless formula gentle on pets
  • Scented with chamomile, lavender, and lanolin


  • Useful for dogs unable to have proper baths
  • Preferred for quick touch-ups
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gentle to dog coats
  • Makes fur shiny and soft


  • Some fur parents find its scent very strong
3. Vet’s Best No Rinse Dog Dry Shampoo 

Make sure that the fur and skin of your paw look healthy every after a bath with Vet’s Best No Rinse Dog Dry Shampoo.

The foam uses natural ingredients including neem oil, aloe, and oatmeal.

Vet's Best Waterless Dog Bath | No Rinse Dry Shampoo for Dogs

It puts emphasis on his health making it easy to clean off any debris and dirt. Massage the foam into his coat to moisturize his skin and prevent it from flaking and drying out. 

The all-natural ingredients of the shampoo provide him with a full cleaning experience spectrum.

It does not affect the existing flea treatment of your pooch. You can even use it as a preventative formula for him. 

Also, it keeps your pooch clean between the bathing sessions.

Specific Features:

  • Contains natural ingredients (neem oil, aloe, and micronized oatmeal)
  • Easy, simple, and quick to use formula
  • Use on a dog at least 12 weeks old


  • Provides healthy fur and skin on dogs
  • Can be applied to dogs aged 12 weeks and above


  • May have a sticky and clumped feeling on your dog’s fur when used 
4. Burt’s Bees Waterless Shampoo Spray with Honey and Apple

Fulfill the needs of your paw’s texture and overall health using Burt’s Bees Waterless Shampoo Spray with Honey and Apple.

This pet shampoo has the highest quality natural ingredients nourishing his skin.

Burt's Bees for Dogs Natural Waterless Shampoo Spray

The shampoo enhances the shine of his coat while soothing his skin.

You can use it on both puppies and adult dogs since it does not contain colorants, sulfates, fragrances, or harsh chemicals. 

The shampoo’s apple content nourishes the skin while its honey content boosts the shine of his coat.

It features a balanced pH for his skin’s overall health. Just spray it to your dog from the back towards the upward direction the leave it in his coat. 

Just a caution not to spray it in his face to avoid eye irritation.

Special Features:

  • Comes with natural ingredients (honey and apple)
  • Use for puppies and adult dogs
  • Recommended by many veterinarians


  • pH balanced
  • Nourishes dog skin
  • Boosts coat shine


  • May irritate eye when accidentally sprayed to it
5. BioSilk For Dogs Moisturizing Shampoo Spray

Restore the luxurious shine and touch of your pet’s coat by using BioSilk For Dogs Moisturizing Shampoo Spray when bathing him.

BioSilk for Dogs Combo Pack Deep Moisture Waterless

The waterless shampoo nourishes the coats of your pup with ingredients that will soothe his skin without damaging it.

Since it is pH balanced, it will not mess with his skin’s natural oils. Also, it gets rid of the smells, so you need not sniff his stinky scent.

It comes with a mixture of soy proteins and silk with almond oil for coat and skin nourishment, oatmeal extracts for cleansing, and aloe vera for soothing.

Use this formula between his baths to ensure that he remains fresh. It does not contain parabens or any other harmful ingredients.

This entails that the shampoo can be used in the baths of canines aged eight weeks and older. 

Moreover, this spray only requires simple brushing without wiping using a cloth.

Specific Features:

  • Contains deep-moisturizing components
  • Has heat protectant when your dog’s coat is blow-dried
  • pH balanced formulation
  • Has fresh scent
  • Can be a great detangler
  • Suitable for all puppies and dogs at least 8 weeks old


  • Available in a bundle of one or two
  • USA-made
  • Detangles hair mats from mild to moderate
  • Smells fresh
  • No wiping required
  • Restores moisture
  • Great for the itchy skin


  • This is not a tearless shampoo
  • May not be able to completely remove fur tangles and knots
6. Lilian Ruff Quick Dry and Tear Free Shampoo Spray

Get your pooch smell fresh and all clean again with Lilian Ruff Quick Dry and Tear Free Shampoo Spray.

This dry shampoo for dogs does not need any water and combing of his fur. It stays in his fur for deodorization, and to keep him smelling fresh for a longer period. 

Lillian Ruff Waterless Dog Shampoo

Like coconut and lavender, natural oils are used to avoid skin irritation. The dry shampoo may serve as a tick and flea repellent.

It incorporates essential oils’ benefits because of their conditioning and skin-soothing properties.

Specific Features:

  • Contains natural essential oils
  • Comes in spray
  • No dyes, sulfates, preservatives, and parabens
  • Free from gluten


  • Repel ticks and fleas
  • Convenient to use
  • Good for dogs with a sensitive stomach
  • Has a long-lasting scent
  • Keeps the dog smell fresh
  • Gentle and effective


  • May not be workable for heavy soiling
  • Its spray nozzle may not function well after several uses
7. Wahl Oatmeal Formula, No-Rinse Shampoo with Coconut Lime Verbena

Use Wahl Oatmeal Formula, No-Rinse Shampoo with Coconut Lime Verbena to mitigate stress and keep your pet clean.

This dog shampoo for dry skin is pH balanced to avoid natural oil disturbance produced by his skin.

Wahl Pet Friendly Waterless No Rinse Shampoo for Animals

Primarily, it cleanses and soothes dog skin. It uses plant-based ingredients to make sure that natural ingredients will not harm or irritate his coat or skin.

Harmful chemicals like parabens and alcohol are not used in this shampoo. Just pump the foam onto him, massage in, and wipe and comb out some debris and dirt.

It prevents puddles in stressed-out dogs and in the bathroom.

Specific Features:

  • Does not contain harmful, damaging ingredients
  • Has coconut lime verbena
  • Comes with ingredients based on plants
  • Designed and developed for all types of canine coats


  • pH balanced
  • Eliminates stress
  • Available in oatmeal and lavender scents
  • Removes debris and dirt
  • Has fresh scent
  • No residue
  • Has odor control
  • No rinsing requirement
  • Allergy-friendly


  • Its cleansing effects may not last for long
  • It has a lingering and strong smell unfavorable to some pets
8. Miracle Care Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo

While a little expensive, Miracle Care Miracle Coat Waterless Shampoo is worth an investment.

The waterless shampoo contains pharmaceutical-grade, natural ingredients that are effective and safe.

Miracle Coat Spray on Waterless Dog Shampoo

It eliminates built-up residue, freshens, and moisturizes the coat and skin of dogs. 

Another thing is that it provides your pooch with conditioning qualities leaving his coat easy to deal with. 

The spray is applied to your friend with no physical contact with his coat or skin. It serves as a rinseless pup cleanser.

Note that it is safe to use on dogs of different breeds and sizes. Actually, this product offers fast relief for dogs with dry skin.

You will have a shinier coat with fewer mats over a long period of time, especially if he has long hair.

Specific Features:

  • Available in spray form
  • Applicable even without physical contact
  • Rinseless cleanser for dogs
  • With quality ingredients
  • Developed for canines no matter the breed and size


  • Cleanses dogs with no rinsing
  • Good for pets with dry skin
  • Offers fast relief
  • Easy to use
  • Has a fresh and clean traditional scent
  • A good detangler
  • Penetrates very well up to the undercoat


  • Has too much lather
  • Not recommended for dogs with existing damaged skin
9. Begley’s Natural Waterless Pet Shampoo

Use Begley’s Natural Waterless Pet Shampoo to give your pooch a natural bath. This all-natural shampoo contains ingredients benefiting his skin and coat.

It does not have parabens, phosphates, synthetic fragrances, chlorine, dyes, or other damaging ingredients for your pal.

Begley’s Natural No Rinse

This waterless shampoo allows you to bathe him wherever and whenever needed. You just have to spray him, massage into his coat, and brush it out. 

Finally, this shampoo is friendly to the environment and serves as a green alternative to dog bathing. 

Special Features:

  • Contains natural ingredients
  • No harmful ingredients (parabens, phosphates, synthetic fragrances, etc.)
  • A green alternative to bathing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Waterless design
  • Available in citrus, tee tree, oatmeal mango, and lavender scents


  • Easy to use
  • Different options for scents
  • Not harmful to the environment


  • Should be wiped out of the dog’s fur every after use


In conclusion, dry shampoos for dogs have become a popular alternative for pet owners who struggle with the task of bathing their dogs.

With a wide range of options available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your canine companion.

Our top pick is Dry & Waterless Deep Cleaning Dog Shampoo

By understanding how dry shampoos work and what you need to know, you can make an informed decision that is best for your furry friend.

Whether you opt for a dry shampoo or an organic one, it is important to prioritize the comfort and well-being of your pet.

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