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Happy Easter Day: Bulldogs Wearing Cute Bunny Ears

Featured image by @nycphoebe
Bunny ears, chocolate eggs and a sunny day. Yes, it’s Easter Day, and our Bulldogs know it! Some of them have been preparing their costumes during a year, and others are not big fans of the day. In any case, we walked around Bulldogology town, as usual, to capture the best Easter moments of our lovely bullies and how they celebrate this year. Don’t miss their beautiful faces with bunny ears, and don’t forget to show us yours!

1. Explain me. How can I eat chocolate eggs with these huge fake teeth?


2. We both adore Easter day. It’s that day where you can wear lovely bunny ears,


3. Are you serious? Do you think this illustrated thing is enough for Easter?


4. Stop doing this. Buy me a decent pair of bunny ears and chocolate eggs, or I won’t go out.


5. I let theme put me on anything they want, but I’m still taking my afternoon nap.


6. Did you hear that? Would it be the bunny with all the yummy chocolate eggs?


7. Yeah I know I look fabulous with these ears on. Take another pic if you want.


Bulldog Easter Day

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