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The Most Eccentric Colors Of Bulldogology Town

Featured Photo Credit: @merlefrenchies
These babies are amazing thanks to a lot of great characteristics, especially because they have the most eccentric colors of Bulldogology town, they’re not entirely white, completely black, all brown, they have a lot of shades that makes them really special ones. That’s why we went for a walk and selected some of these pups to show you all the funny stuff they normally do. Take a sit and fall in love with these beauties, and if you got one like them, please show us!

1. Please, try not to love me so much, my human is a jealous guy.

2. Did you say free hugs? Here I come.

3. Perfect color for this summer!

4. When you pretend you don’t know someone is taking a picture of you.

5. You know you wanna touch this soft skin.

6. Don’t you dare to compare me with a Dalmatian.

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