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7 English Bulldogs And Frenchies Best Friends

Featured image by @louie_englishbully
Who said English Bulldogs and Frenchies can’t be friends? They can, and they’re awesome. Here in Bulldogology town, we’ve got the best couple of besties having fun. Thus, you better be ready for cuteness overload. Furthermore, you’re about to see what they love to do together, and what humans they prefer. So, tell us, do you have a power couple of English Bulldogs and Frenchies? If so, you better share it with us and the bully community because we love them!

1. I love that Frenchie back there, but look at my human, it’s Leo DiCaprio!

2. Nap moment between my English gentleman friend and I because we love to sleep all day.

3. Let me smell your farts because that’s the last English Bulldogs and Frenchies prove of friendship.

4. We’re so bored of being together all the time that we called our friend right here.

5. These dudes think we look like them, but we’re gorgeous, and they’re not, right?

6. What are you waiting for? I want to eat, but you have to bring snacks over here.

7. Yeah, this is not an English fella because my best friend is this curly guy here!

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