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English Gentlemen: Bulldog Boys Talk

Featured Photo Credit: @hope.992

The definition of a gentleman comes from within, but these English gentlemen will teach you that isn’t about what you wear, what you do, it’s all about how you behave and who you really are. Of course, some of them will show one thing or two about style or how to treat a girl properly, but the main issue you’ll learn about these Bulldogs, is that a gentleman doesn’t follow fashion, they’re individuals that stand out with a lot of confidence without a care for what other people think.

1. Come here! Look at those beautiful ladies.

2. We all know that in Yoga class you can meet a lot of cute girls.

3. A good man is always ready for a game.

4. Stylish since day one.

5. Here comes the girl you like, act normal.

6. Hey, human! I don’t like the back seat.

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