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English Puppy Squad With The Prettiest Faces

Featured Photo Credit: @pizzathebully
Do you remember when your Bulldog was beautiful English puppy? We’re sure you do, but in case you really miss that time, you wanna remember better or just want to see the gorgeous babies, you’re in the right place. Babies always come to make our life better and happier, they’re our loved ones in the world because they need our protection as much as they need our attention and we’re very pleased to give it to them.

1. If I take some food, my humans will never suspect of me.

2. This how Sundays look like for a pretty puppy.

3. They take advantage of me because I’m little, but I still hate this.

4. Nice and tender are the two word that defines me better.

5. Yes, I know, I’m like a candy, but please don’t eat me.

6. Who said yoga class for pretty puppies?

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