French Bulldog Personality

6 French Bulldog Personality Traits That Will Make You Adopt Him At Any Cost

If you own a dog already or are looking to adopt a less aggressive breed, which is short and makes your lonely time the best.

You’re at the right place if you’re one of the above persons. Because the dog breed we’re going to introduce has these features and is a hundred-year-old.

And such a dog is none other than the French Bulldog. Yes, not the other bulldogs but that little bat-eared bulldog.

Let’s briefly overview its origin and features before exploring its personality traits.

French Bulldog History

an old picture showing a rich lady lapping two French bulldogs

It’s a bit funny that the French bulldog originated from England. Yes, the story is quite interesting.

But how?

In fact, during the Industrial Revolution, many artisans moved to France, where their skills were still in demand. Among them were lacemakers, who, while moving to France, brought their English bulldogs with them. There they needed small companion dogs, for which they mated English Bulldog with a Boston Terrier and a pug.

Later the tycoons from the US visited France and liked it too much, and adopted them.

1897 was the turning point in the history of the French bulldogs when while deciding the breed recognition, a judge in England held that the rose-eared bulldogs were the real breed, which annoyed the American breeders. They decided to hold their exhibition. Americans preferred French bulldogs with bat ears; they campaigned in its favor and became successful in making it the official French bulldog breed as recognized by American Kennel Club (AKC).

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What Makes French Bulldogs So Unique?

A light brown French bulldog standing on a lawn
  • Frenchie’s facial folds are a depiction of an alert face.
  • They’re great companions for all family members, require little exercise, and can live comfortably in apartments.
  • Has a short coat, which needs to be brushed regularly to remove his loose hair.
  • It has cute curly down-side wrinkles that help blood flow down the face if it gets into a fight.
  • Besides being unable to swim, they can’t air travel too for being one of the brachycephalic breeds.
  • They don’t come with double coats, so they can’t withstand high temperatures. So, always recommended to keep your dog inside during day times in the summer.
  • They behave like your boss, wanting your attention every time. So he’s not an outdoor dog.
  • Sometimes they’re compared to babies who like to be pleased more than please us.
  • They have health issues owing to their genetic problems, like hip dysplasia, hip joint issues, intervertebral disc disease, degenerative joint disease, ear infections, spinal cord problems, elongated soft palate, skin allergies, etc

Personality Traits of Bulldogs

Let’s take a closer look at French bulldogs by exploring each aspect of their personalities.

  1. French Bulldogs are The Best Companions
An african lady kissign a french bulldog

Their origin manifests in their friendly behavior because they were originally bred to get a cute little companion dog together. Generally, like most dogs, the French bulldog loves to live in packs. So a pair of French bulldogs usually have the best time with themselves and humans.

This feature makes them the most loved dogs among others. In fact, at the time of origin, they were one of the top three most popular dog breeds in New York and maintained this status almost to this date.

Your time with him is always fun; he does such cute stuff and makes adorable gestures. Their amusing character bears them the title of the crown prince.

Their companionship largely owes to their non-aggressive nature. They call your attention while you enjoy your favorite movie, have dinner, are busy on the phone, or do house chores.

  1. French Bulldogs Fit Well in Apartments
A FrencFrench bulldog  hanging his tongue

Unlike most dog French bulldogs who love to live in small houses and apartments, they don’t need vigorous exercises and long hours of play. The only thing they love is to play tug of war. So they make an excellent choice for people living in big cities where apartments are the only housing available.

Their limitless exercise and sticking to the owners for the love of their body heat are a few things French bulldogs consider best for the apartments.

Another factor is their peaceful nature. It doesn’t mean they don’t bark, but they do it much less than other dogs. So you and your next-door neighbors can sleep peacefully.

Their small size doesn’t need to play in a larger area, so a one, two, or three-bedroom apartment is more than enough for him to live a tense-free life with you.

  1. Less Barking Makes It Peaceful Dog
three french bulldogs watching curiously at someone

These dogs are categorized among the less barking dog breeds. This is one reason for their likeness by singles, families, and children. Whether you are for a walk or traveling somewhere, the chances to bark at other dogs or other people are lesser.

French bulldog puppies tend to bark more than adults, usually high-pitched. But sometimes, a high-pitched bark with a howl can also be observed. These are a few of its unique ‘crazy; characteristics that make him a priority over other breeds.

However, sometimes if even Fernchies are observed to bark excessively, there are sold reasons behind it, including separation anxiety, fear, or some health issues.

If your French bulldog is barking more than usual, one of the solutions is to try to desensitize him gradually. If he hates the noise of firecrackers, making him listen to sch recorded sound off and on can gradually desensitize him, and after some time, he won’t bark at this anymore.

  1. No Long Play Hours Needed
A white French bulldog holding tennis ball in is mouth

You may ask how much playtime do French bulldog needs. Well, the answer is simple and funny. The good thing is he can’t play for longer hours, and there’s a medical reason for this. And amusingly, he encourages you to stop setting aside your work and play with him frequently.

In short, French bulldogs keep you busy all day, but if you compare him with other dogs who love playing tug of war for longer hours to exhibit their energy, this dog says sorry.

First, let us study the body structure that makes him unable to play for longer hours or in extreme heat.

The pushed-in face has hard breathing. For this reason, their breath sounds make them labor-breathing dogs. This is why extremely hot weather or walking to struggling for extended periods makes them unusually tired.

Do You know?
French Bulldogs can’t swim because of the unbalanced body structure with a heavy head and weaker back

  1. Good With Other Dogs
French bulldog being licked by a siberian husky

Regarding the relationship with other dogs, the French bulldog temperament is so sweet that it welcomes any type f dog living with it inside the house or encounters a stranger on the street.

But of course, all this depends upon the young age training, without which it may not behave as expected. Proper training includes training for poo and pee and training to make them non-aggressive towards other dogs. Otherwise, you’ll have to hire a dog trainer.

Some tips can make a bulldog’s personality a superb one. Here are some tips for socializing your French bulldog puppy to make him the best.

Ask the breeder about the parents of the puppy, and request him that you might want to see his mother. If that mother has a good temperament, you’re good to go.

Take him to the socialization classes, or if you’re experienced enough, get him on a walk where other dogs encounter is common. Make him used to mixing with other dogs.

Train him to be tolerant enough for other dogs even if the others aren’t interested in mixing with him.

Certain dogs let along well with French bulldogs. The name includes Luchers, Cocakpoos, English Springer, English Sheepdogs, Boston terriers, and Beagles.

  1. Good With Strangers
A black French bulldog following a white one

Not to confuse their goodness with fulfilling their basic duty, French bulldogs do not bark without reason. They are excellent watchdogs for their sheer attention on the steps of strangers and protect their owners and property at all costs. So if you plan to adopt a French bulldog for a watchdog purpose, you are making excellent strangers.

‘Reserved’ is not the right word for French bulldogs. Instead, social butterfly is the right title for them. Their cuteness isn’t restricted to their body only; their behavior reflects this trait fully.

You might observe in your morning walks that even French bulldogs of strangers love to play with you or your dog at the first encounter.

To get out of your French bulldog training puppy, there are some essential tips that you need to practice, given as follows:

  • Once they’re 8 months old, separate them from their mum or siblings. It’s crucial because at that age.
  • Make frequent visits to your local park, especially with your neighbors having dogs. These will allow frequent mixing, and your French bulldog will learn to tolerate other dogs and strangers.
  • Take your French bulldog to introduce him to new people at weekends or months by visiting your friends, parents, or siblings’ houses. This will change his environment and teach you how to move with your dog.
  • Try to make it understand the basic commands from an early age, like ‘sit,’ ‘com on,’ ‘stop,’ ‘wait,’ etc.

However, remember that a dog’s basic duty is to watchdog and alert you against intruders. During the training and early socialization, ensure your dog differentiates between outsiders and friends.

The Take Away

The French bulldogs are cute, extremely friendly, and categorized among perfect companion dogs. Although their breeding is difficult due to their body structure, their behaviors and cuteness surpass the price. Once originated from the UK, they’re one of the top most loved dogs in the US.

Do you own a French bulldog? If yes, share your lovely experience with him in the comments section below

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is a French Bulldog a good family dog?

Yes, these little bulldogs make a perfect family pet.

What is the weakness of the French Bulldog?

Their reproduction is very difficult, be it mating or whelping.

Do French Bulldogs like to cuddle?

Yes, a French bulldog is a couch potato. He loves being cuddled and like his belly to be scratched by a dog lover.

French bulldogs are the worst

Minimal arguments go against French bulldogs like they are costly. French bulldog health is another issue, along with having noisy breath, snoring, clinginess, and being prone to separation anxiety.

Male French bulldog personality

Male French bulldogs are more active, confident, and bold and enjoy playing more than being cuddled. But takes more time to mature as well.

Are French bulldogs Hypoallergenic?

No, they aren’t

Female French bulldog personality

Female French bulldogs are more affectionate, calm, and sweet.

Can French Bulldogs swim?

No, they are terrible swimmers. Their unbalanced body makes them difficult to stay on the water.

What are French bulldogs mixed with?

Today there aren’t mixed with any breed, as their reproduction is nearly impossible.

French bulldog weight

French bulldogs weigh between 20-28 pounds

Mini french bulldog

There isn’t much difference between a mini dog and a normal French bulldog because it’s already categorized among small dogs. A normal French bulldog is between 11-13 inches tall, whereas a lesser than 11 is called a miniature bulldog. Also called the toy-size version or a toy bulldog.

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