When Should French Bulldog Potty Training Begin?

French bulldog potty training

You can begin toilet training your French Bulldog puppy once they reach or surpass 8 weeks of age. A widespread misunderstanding among numerous pet owners is the belief that their pets should be completely trained to go potty and be independent by 6 months old.

While many French bulldogs can be housetrained between one and six months of age, a great deal is determined by its feeding schedule and daily routine, as well as the efforts you put into it.

There is also the reality that a puppy cannot have full control over its bladder and bowels until he is at least 4 months old.

Quite simply, a pup cannot hold it in for that extended period and so you need to be extra vigilant during that period.

Let us discuss the complete potty-training schedule for your Frenchie puppy along with other important aspects of when to begin potty training a French bulldog puppy.

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Is Potty Training a French Bulldog Easy?

Most pet parents think that housebreaking a puppy is as easy as keeping the pet on a regular feeding and drinking schedule followed by a potty-outing routine twice or thrice a day. Or they believe that their dog will be housetrained within a week or two.

For a lot of precocious puppies, this may be true and since Frenchies are smart dogs, most learn quickly.

Having said so, there is no ‘shortcut’ to potty training. Many young dogs that are taken through such an easy-going and shortened potty training protocol continue to be only partially housetrained. Many even continue having potty accidents indoors for months.

These little cuties understand that going potty outside earns them treats and praise. However, many take a while to understand that it is still off-limits to ‘go’ indoors.

As a result, many French bulldog puppies spend extensive playtime or exercise time outdoors only to come inside and pee on that expensive rug.

This is because it takes every puppy (not just a French bulldog puppy) time to understand that the goal of housetraining is not simply to pee outside but also the fact that other areas (especially inside the house) are unacceptable and pottying only in the right spot should be a habit.

French bulldog potty training schedule

When Should French Bulldog Potty Training Begin?

Ideally, you should begin training your puppy the moment you bring her/him home.

If you have bought your pet from a breeder, then we are assuming s/he is at least 8 weeks of age. This is a good age to start training your pet.

The first few days in a new environment are vital for inculcating good habits in your puppy.

However, you must also make sure that your dog is healthy and has no urinary tract infections or parasites that could interfere with potty training.

Have a vet examine your dog within 48 hours so you can rule out health issues and begin productive housetraining.

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Steps to Take for French Bulldog Potty Training

These steps will help you set up a puppy potty training schedule for your French bulldog. Be consistent with these steps so as to establish a routine quickly.

  • You must take your pet out to the designated potty spot after each meal and after it has drunk water. You must also take your pet out after naptimes. French bulldog pups can be quite excitable, so taking them for potty during and before exercise or playtime can help you avoid accidents indoors.
  • Establish a regular feeding and drinking schedule. Similarly, follow a strict outdoor walking schedule, dog pee pad schedule, or a newspaper schedule.
  • Confine your pet to a crate where it won’t want to relieve itself.
  • Learn to recognize signs when your pet wants to go: it might lift the tail, run around in circles sniffing, pace about, or whimper. As soon as you notice these signs, take your pet to the designated spot. When it relieves itself there, reward and praise your pet copiously.
  • Give your dog plenty of praise and treats when it relieves itself in the designated area.
  • Use immediate and consistent good discipline and corrective training.
  • Get rid of indoor dog urine odors right away. Otherwise, your pet might feel encouraged to urinate in the same spot again and again.


The key to successfully potty train your French bulldog puppy is to begin the day s/he joins the family.

If yours is a baby puppy, remember that it won’t be able to hold its bladder for too long.

Until your puppy is ready for housebreaking, you can at least begin to lay the groundwork for it. This includes providing dog pee pads or newspapers etc.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to teach the dog to urinate and defecate outdoors in the yard or on the street or any other place of your choosing, not the dog’s choosing.

All dogs will willingly do what you want them to do provided you show them exactly what you want. Puppies 8-weeks and older are receptive and open to housetraining so this is a good age to begin French bulldog potty training.

If you follow the above steps along with other housetraining resources on this site, there is no reason why you won’t see success.

Happy housetraining!

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