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7 Funny Athlete Bulldogs Sharing Thoughts

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Since we’re little, our parents have told us the importance of practicing any sport. It helps us to gain discipline, be stronger and maybe a scholarship in the future. It’s also great for our health and concentration. Therefore that value is also important in Bulldogology town, and luckily, some of our beautiful babies have become in athlete Bulldogs, standing out among their friends with amazing qualities. Is your bully a sports expert? Watch these and show us yours.

1. My parents decided that Baseball was good for me, but I’m more into Soccer.

2. All you need to enjoy a game is beer, bones for dogs and your best friends!

3. You know, running is not just a sports thing. It is a lifestyle, and I love it.

4. Pour dad, he thinks that throw and seeks an official game.

5. The reason why I started climbing is that they told I could find delicious cookies up here.

6. How many tennis players you know like me? Of course, I deserved a thing like this.

7. Ready to throw some balls in the field and celebrate with friends later.

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