Featured image by @turquoisentangerine
Something strange happened in Bulldogology Town. For some reason, our funny Bulldogs started acting like humans. But why would they ever want to be a man a woman or a child? Don’t they know we envy their lives? Sleeping long naps, no worries, eating like kings and gaining all of our unconditional love. We don’t know exactly what’s going on, but you can keep scrolling down to watch the cutest and hilarious Bulldogs acting like humans.

1. I’m taking this beautiful girl to the movies and dancing after.


2. Yes, everybody tells me that I look like the real Notorious BIG


3. What I like the most about humans is their poetry, I can see it everywhere.


4. Who wants to grow up? I’ll stay as a baby for as long as I can.


5. Doing the laundry is what I love the most, it’s relaxing.


6. Thug love! Keep making me hear those rap songs of yours.


7. Humans can go on a trip any time they like. So, we’re leaving now!

8. Don’t think for a second that I don’t know this is a fake car.