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Funny Bulldogs Showing You Their Rare Treasures

Featured Photo Credit: @brie_and_romeo
Sometimes, our favorite objects are not the conventional ones, or the cutest, not even proper for our size or age, but still, they’re our rare treasures and we keep it for the rest of our life, as a reminding of good times, old friends, our family or that special trip during our childhood. These funny Bulldogs are going to show you that humans are not the only ones with good objects to show, they have already selected one of their treasures and are ready to explain to you why they love it.

1. Since I can’t drink orange juice, I got an orange ball.

2. This scarf always keeps me close to my mom.

3. Who doesn’t love a little monster to fight with?

4. Don’t judge my rare pig.

5. This my favorite thing only for the weekend.

6. Watch out Serena Williams! I’m coming for you.

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