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8 Shades Of Gray: Beautiful And Charming Bulldogs

Featured image by @bronx_dabulldogg
Did you think that Christian Grey is the only one with shades? Well, you thought wrong. We also have charming Bulldogs in different shades of gray. They look mysterious, serious, and good looking. No doubt, they are exotic color species, and we love to watch them. Thus, we search for gray Bulldogs in Bulldogology town and catch them for you. Keep scrolling down and discover these beautiful babes.

1.  Dad decided to photograph my profile, but I’m gorgeous from every angle.


2. Haters will say this is photoshop, but the world knows girls love me.


3. Smell therefore I exist.  If the cookie smell nice, then, it means it’s tasty.


4. Although I’m also white, I have all the mystery and handsomeness from gray.


5. Mom is gorgeous, but every boy looks at her because she’s with me.


6. When you’re gray with gray eyes, everybody is ready for giving you a tasty cookie.


7. Don’t look at me like that because a charming bulldog is never going to share its ice cream.


8. I’m always ready for girls. So, this is my killer pose that drives them mad.


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