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7 Awesome Bulldogs Starting The Halloween Costume Fever

Featured Photo Credit:@biggs_the_bulldog
Yes! They know that Halloween costume fever should start by the end of the month, but how can you blame them? Halloween is their favourite time of the year. Witches day is when our Bulldogs can get the costume they’ve been dreaming of during the whole year, also, they can get a lot of candy and walk through Bulldogology town all night long having fun. So, join our bullies in their first costume fever of the month and help them to figure out what suits them best.

1. Sing with me: He calls me the devil, I make him wanna sin ♫

2. Ok, are we all agree that I’m the best Dog-Leia that have ever existed?

3. I wanted to act in the new Ghost Busters movie, but I was too much for them.

4. The thing is, I don’t need a costume since I have these awesome vampire tooth.

5. Wait, what do you mean this is not a proper costume for Halloween. What’s wrong?

6. I adore mystery, so this year we’re going to take it to another level.

7. Honestly, all I need for Halloween is this big bag waiting for some good candies.

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