5 Tips on How to Calm a Dog During a Storm

How to calm a dog during a storm

A lot of canines frequently display a dislike for thunderstorms.

Can you blame them?

It’s not like every one of us likes them either.

And for dogs, with their keener senses, it would be much tougher.

After all, storms bring with them things like pressure changes along with the thunder and lightning.

No wonder they get stressed out and panicky.

Apart from stress and anxiety, they can also hurt themselves running around and breaking stuff.

So you can imagine…

Knowing how to calm a dog during a storm will be a relief.

Here’s what you can do to make your puppy more at ease in the situation:

How to Calm a Dog During a Storm – 5 Things You Can Try

Here are some simple home tips on how to calm a dog during a storm:

1. Keep Your Dog Company

Imagine being alone when you’re anxious or afraid…

You wouldn’t want that for your puppy, would you?

Essentially, the 101 of how to calm a dog during a storm.

Even if you can’t be there yourself, there’s always the option of a sitter or, better, a friendly face to drop by and comfort your dog.

2. Use Distractions

Drawing your dog’s attention away from the storm also helps, of course.

The kind of method you use depends on what your dog is in to…

For instance, you can try:

3. Getting Your Doggo Used to the Sound

While you can’t replicate the lights or the electrical disturbances of a storm…

you can try and get your pup used to the sound.

Playing CDs or tracks with thunderstorm sounds by gradually raising the volume helps train calmness.

That’s not all…

Reinforcing calm behavior with treats and affection also speeds things along.

4. A Safe Place

Dogs love dens.

It’s pretty simple.

A safe corner that’s soundproof is an ideal place for your dog’s crate, even when there are no thunderstorms.

And a place like that also acts as a mental security blanket for your puppy.

5. Other Ways

Swaddling or wrapping your puppy up in her favorite blanket or other clothes is another method that often works.

If your puppy loves that, there are specialized wraps available for calming an anxious dog.

These include:


Some of these have acupressure points for added effect.

And if the vest or jacket doesn’t fit your pup properly, the acupressure might even end up hurting her.

Also, there are medication, oil, and pheromone treatments available for dogs with severe anxiety.

But in those cases, it’s important that you consult your vet to determine the appropriate method and dosage.

What NOT to Do

Scolding or punishing your puppy if he acts out during a storm will be totally counterproductive.

And cruel, come to think of it…

That’s not how to calm a dog during a storm.

After all, it’s just instinctual, and not bad behavior.

Instead, try to prepare in advance by calming your puppy.

Take him out for a bathroom break if you’re expecting a storm.

Preparing ahead for any accidents is another important step in how to calm a dog during a storm.

With not much cleaning up to do you also remain calmer and more available to your pup.

And Bulldogology’s Premium Puppy Pads are a great option to prepare for such eventualities.

We hope you found these tips on how to calm a dog during a storm useful for your pup, if you want more dog training tips head over to our top dog training tips blog post.

If you have any more dog training tips or suggestions of your own do mention them in the comments section below.

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