8 Tips and Guidelines on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags

How to carry dog poop bags

Are you on the hunt for easy and chic methods to transport dog waste bags? Fear not, we’ve got a solution for you!

Finding the perfect place to carry dog poop bags might sound like an impossible task. But the truth is, most people do not even think about it until they are faced with carrying them.

Stop worrying and continue reading. This guide might be the exact answer to your problem.

Let’s get started!

Dog Poop Bags: What Are They?

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8 Tips and Guidelines on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags 8

Dog poop bags are small plastic sacks that you can use to pick up your dog’s mess or poo.

Usually, the bags are made from biodegradable material and come in various shapes and sizes.

These bags are designed to be biodegradable, so they do not have many uses eventually.

The poop bags come in varied sizes, depending on your dog’s waste size. You should always use the largest size bag for the largest amount of feces.

Choose smaller bags for more minor amounts of poo.

Using these bags is a way to keep your yard clean and make sure that your dog does not get sick from having pooped outside.

You will want to use at least two bags per month, though most experts recommend using at least three bags per day.

The best time to do this is when you take him out for walks or when he eats something new.

Why Dogs Need Poop Bags

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Dogs need poop bags because their digestive system is different than ours.

No matter their size or breed, dogs have exceedingly high metabolisms. Your pup can eat a lot and still not get full.

He needs to eat every day for energy so if you don’t keep up with changing the bags regularly, he could end up going through a large amount of waste in one sitting.

Dogs tend to make a mess when they are doing their business, and you would not want to be the one responsible for cleaning it up! Poop bags are there to help.

The bags collect until you can dispose of them properly. This means that your home is cleaner and that you do not have to worry about tracking poop everywhere.

Dogs produce bacteria, which can cause illness and even death. If you do not take care of the poop, it will spread bacteria to your home and other animals. That is why you need poop bags!

When it comes to poop bags, there are three main types: disposable, biodegradable, and compostable.

Disposable ones are made of plastic and paper. They are convenient, but not always safe for pups. Also, they can cause intestinal blockages if ingested by dogs.

Biodegradable bags are made from plant fiber and biodegrade in landfills or on-site at the site where you dispose of them.

Compostable bags are made from vegetable matter such as corn cobs or rice hulls.

These are usually treated with chemicals before being placed in a compost bin, which makes them last longer than traditional plastic ones.

So, how do poo bags help pet parents or owners?

Benefits of Dog Poop Bags to Pet Owners

how to carry a dog poop bag

Dog poop bags are essential and beneficial to dog owners for the following reasons:

Poo bags help you avoid getting dog poop on your shoes or clothes, which can be very unpleasant.

You can use the bags to get rid of some of the smell that comes with dog poop, which can be a huge problem for those who have dogs themselves.

The bags are good for keeping your yard clean because they will not require any yard maintenance once they have been used.

They are inexpensive, easy to use, and can be found everywhere.

These poo carriers help you clean up after your dog’s messes without worrying about spreading a disease or disease-carrying flies around the house.

Also, dog poo bags are an easy way to keep your home from smelling like dog poo. In turn, they keep your home clean and smell nice for you and your family.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Dog Poop Bag Holder

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There are several factors to consider when purchasing a dog poop bag holder, including:

  • The quality of the poo bag holder
  • Its price or cost compared to other comparable products
  • The features and specifications of the product like a waterproof zipper, adjustable belt, water resistant shell fabric, belt loop, waterproof lining work, etc.
  • Its material of construction
  • The size and type of the holder
  • Whether it is portable or stationary
  • Its ease of use by your furry friend
  • If it comes with a warranty

You can find a lot of effective and durable poo bags and holders in the market. In fact, you can check out our products here for reference.

Now you are up to bringing your dog’s poo bags, but how?

dog poop bag banner01 8 Tips and Guidelines on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags
8 Tips and Guidelines on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags 9

Tricks and Tips on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags

Carrying dog poop bags are not that difficult. You need to be careful with them; they are fragile, so you must handle them properly. Here are some tips to help you carry these bags:

Carry on Your Shoulder

When handling the bag, be sure to put it on your shoulder rather than dragging it around with both hands.

This lets you have one hand free so that you can carry other items while keeping an eye on your dog’s water bowl or food dish (if applicable).

Place of Storage

You need to have a place where you can keep the bags for them not to get lost. Another way of doing this is by having a separate bag just for these bags so that they will not get mixed up with other things and vice versa.

Have an Extra Bag

Always carry an extra bag if you have more than one pup in your house or office. In case one of your dogs does not use the bag, you can always use it for another dog.

Enough Capacity

Make sure your dog poop bag is large enough. If it is not, try using two or three bags at once. This will allow you to carry more waste in a smaller space to help keep odors down in the car.

Never Leave Inside the Container

Take the bag out of its container before using it. Leaving it in the container will be very hard to get out of the container without breaking it because there is no room for movement inside the container when it is full of poop bags.

Space Between Walls

When using a plastic bag as a dog poop bag, make sure that there is no space between its walls and floor to avoid any accidents from happening while bringing around these bags.

Good Condition

See to it that the bag makes itself looks good and good enough so that it does not look like it has been used before or something else. This could happen especially if it has been around long enough already.

Check Always

Finally, always check your bag before leaving home. You don’t want any accidents happening when you are miles away from home!

FAQs on Proper Dog Poo Bag Carrying

Should you have questions in mind, try considering the following:

When do you need poop bag carriers for dogs?

Well, you need a poo bag carrier if the mess of your pet is too heavy or may to manage.

How to carry a full poop bag?

You should carry a full dog poop bag with the help of a carrier to prevent accidents or any mishaps.

What do you do with dog poop bags on a walk?

When walking, be sure to tighten the closure of the bag so nothing will get out from it, either the poo or its smell.

Where do people put their dog poop bags?

Poo bags are usually placed in trash bins or drop points intended for animal waste. There are other areas too like compost pits (for biodegradable bags) and dug grounds for their decomposition.

How do you pick up dog poop easily?

Using a pooper scooper helps you easily get the mess of your pup without feeling it.


There’ you have it – some tips and guidelines on how to carry dog poop bags the right way and in style! We hope we made your dog parenting a lot easier now with the convenient solution and tips we shared here.

Check our Bulldogology store, we offer biodegradable dog poop bags that are 100% leak proof and extra strong to help you carry dog poop bags with ease.

dog poop bag banner01 8 Tips and Guidelines on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags
8 Tips and Guidelines on How to Carry Dog Poop Bags 10

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