How To Get Rid Of A Dog You Adopted In The Past

how to get rid of a dog

Can you recall the moment when you first brought your dog home? You were overwhelmed with a blend of enthusiasm and a slight feeling of tension, pondering over the ways you would share time with your newfound furry bundle of happiness.

But things didn’t remain the same. The ebbs and flows of life let you decide that you must be separated. Sad, it feels or sometimes extremely painful. But what to do?

If you’re one of such pet owners thinking of getting rid of your dog and need to know how to get rid of a dog, this article is for you.

Keep reading, and you’ll find the most optimum solutions on how to rehome a dog.

So, let’s begin!

Why Do People Surrender Their Dogs?

A woman hugging a dog in a shelter

Please keep in mind that surrender must be the last resort. So, here’s the checklist of what you need to do first. Maybe, the problem you are thinking of isn’t too big.

So, let’s look at why rehoming a dog is the only choice people have.

Your Dog Is Too Clingy

Dogs have an instinctive behavior of living in packs. So, when you adopt one from a dog shelter, he develops a feeling of separation anxiety which makes him clingy, the excess of which causes you to keep a distance from him.

If this is the case with you, there are practical ways to solve your dog’s anxiety. Follow them, and you won’t feel the need to get rid of your pet.

Your Dog Is A Bit Aggressive

If the pet’s personality or behavior issues make you sick, for example, his stroll has taken its toll, you can’t take on his unstoppable barking anymore, or he bites other dogs and visitors.

If your dog barks at visitors or other dogs, it’s not good to get away with this situation. Many animals adopt this behavior just because they are frustrated. And with proper training, this issue can be resolved.

Hire some dog experts or low-cost veterinary care to train your furry friend for behavior problems.

Moving To A Different Place

If you’re moving to a different place where you think pets aren’t allowed or that place hasn’t had enough room for your dog.

Still, there can be a solution to it. A good realtor may help you find a house that allows pets. This can also be topped up with vet certificates or a dog trainer’s recommendation letter. Or, you may leave your dog with a friend or family member for a few months unless you find your desired home. And as a last but a bit expensive solution, leave your dog with a vet or kennel. It may cost a bit, but it will save you money when you must readopt a dog after your move.

Your Dog Is Old Now

If your dog has become an inside dog, inactive when out for a walk, or shows less energy, you may lose interest in him.

As someone rightly said, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Illness/ Allergy

Some people, although adopting a dog with much excitement, have to surrender because of their health. Such people have pet allergies, which may appear as runny nose, hay fever, and sometimes breathing problems. In such cases, there is hardly any solution.

But if the symptoms are mild and appear less often, your home’s and your pet’s cleanliness can save you from this, like regularly washing him with dog shampoo and grooming his hair with some quality brush.

No One Available To Take Care Of Him

Say, you were young when you adopted this dog, but since your higher education has started and you hardly have spare time to care for him, and other family member is either not interested in adopting him or can’t spare time

You’re Having A Baby

Congrats on having a new baby. But, like most moms, are you considering getting rid of your dog because of this?

No, you don’t need to do this. In fact, research has shown that babies growing up with dogs tend to have a stronger immunity to dog allergies.

How To Get Rid Of Your Dog In a Nice Way

How to surrender a dog?

Now you have tried every means not to part ways with your dog, but still, things are beyond your control, and surrendering your pet is the only option, it seems.

So, there are the following ways by which you can humanely get rid of your dog.

Talk To Your Friends And Family

two women patting their dogs

This will be your first option when you don’t want to be with your dog anymore. And let me tell you, it’s the best one since you know that your near ones may care for your dog better than any strangers, and you can also take a look any time later.

But how?

Utilize your social media channels to let your friends, family, and co workers know and see the pictures and videos of your dog. These can be your prospective adopters before anyone else. If it’s a service dog, it would be a great resource for your relatives, who would love to have it.

Do You Know? SPCA won’t take your dog unless you have your dog’s behavior test passed

Rehome Your Pet

A white dog with 'Adopt Me' tag around his neck

Rehome is an excellent project of, a pet-specific classified website that bridges you and potential adopters in the best way.

The procedure is simple: you make and live your pet’s profile on the website. The potential adopters looking for forever homeless pets will come across your dog’s profile and apply for the adoption.

After careful review of the application, following re homing guidance, you will accept or reject the application. If the application is successful, you will then finally meet the adopter.

Once satisfied with the adopter, you can sign an agreement with him on re home website.

The adopter will then pay the fee online, which will be transferred to the rescue organization of your choice. Normally, they charge between $50-$100 as surrender fees.

Interesting Information

Your dog can be a boon for sick people at nursing homes or care centers

Find Some Authentic Dog Breed Rescue Group

dogs in crates watching outside

If your dog is one of the rare breeds, you’re lucky because there are organizations that take rare animals to save their breed. Popular breeds include Cesky Terrier, Norwegian Lundehund, etc.

Other organizations are cautious about adopting dogs from individuals because they are accustomed to getting animals from animal shelters. After all, the animals in a shelter environment are much more controllable.

Contact Your Nearest Rescue Center

a woman with his dog at a rescue counter

As another option, you can find your nearest rescue center and animal control agencies that foster the best animal care until the pet is rehomed. A good thing about the rescue center is that your dog will get a home with responsible dog parents.

Fact Finding

Some people confuse rescue groups with animal shelters. Both are open-admission organizations for unhoused dogs and other animals, but the former is a volunteer-run place, whereas the latter is a government run-organizations that accept animals

Speak To Your Vet

a vet checking up a schnoodle

Veterinarians also have notice boards full of notes about people willing to surrender their dogs and others wishing to home a pet. So, talk to your vet to speak to anyone looking for adoption.

The advantage you would get here is that you need not prove to the adopter that your pet is leading a healthy life, vaccinated, and without any behavioral issues because the words of a vet are much more than any documentary evidence.

Warning! Be careful while posting your pet online on craigslist and other classified websites that are not authentic regarding pets’ safety. Because most of the buyers there are criminals who buy them for dog fighting rings

Leave Your Animal At A Local Animal Shelter (Last Resort)

This should be your last choice when giving up your pet.

Every year 6.3 million animals arrive at most shelters or a particular city pound. So, responsible pet owners must keep in mind the challenges that animal welfare organizations are facing.

Some organizations are more than a shelter, like the Animal Human Society (AHS), which takes care of pets as owners. So, you need to contact them to book a surrender appointment. Here it’s better to be patient because they are already bombarded with hundreds of such requests, and a wait of 10-16 days is usual unless it’s an emergency.

During the half-hour appointment, they will check your pet for health and behavioral issues. Once the dog is screened, it’s kept at the center according to its category.

Lastly, is your dog not fit enough to get to a new home? In such cases, many shelters, by fulfilling all legal requirements, may commit euthanasia.

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of your feline friend is easy, but try not to do so unless you can’t do away with it. There can be probable solutions to your problems too. However, if, despite giving due diligence on working with the solutions, you can no longer care for your dogs or cats, talk to your buddies, siblings, colleagues, rescues, shelters, or others to find him a new home. While you hand him over, make full disclosure of his behavior and health condition.

Finally, good luck with your re-homing effort for your pet!

Are you one of those who want to surrender his dog? If yes, please tell us your situation in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best way to give a dog away?

The best way is to use your social network first, like your friends, family, and local vet.

What do you do with a dog you don’t want?

Finding a good new owner who can care for your dog well would be best. So, talk to your friends, family, vet, or other people in your relationship that you want to get rid of your dog.

What are good reasons to get rid of a dog?

The probable reasons for getting rid of your furry friend might be the dog’s behavior, moving to a new place where you can’t keep your dog, your health issues with the dog’s presence, or you can’t keep your dog’s care in your schedule anymore.

What to do with a pet you can’t keep?

Pet owners may surrender their pets to any animal shelter, rescue, or humane society because it is the only option they are left with.

Where can I surrender my dog for free?

Your nearest animal shelter may take it for free. But since these organizations are non-profit, a donation of $20 minimum would have to be given as your little contribution towards the care of your dog.

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