How To Stop Puppy From Chewing Pee Pad – Everything You Need To Know

puppy from chewing his pee pad

It’s vital to stop your puppy from gnawing on pee pads right from the start.

After all, nothing can add to the challenge of housetraining a puppy if they keep biting and chewing their potty training pads.

The good news is that this behavior can easily be rectified and we will tell you exactly how to do so:

My Dog Eats The Training Pads – What Should I Do?

Here are the steps to take when your puppy tears up puppy pads:

Say No in a Strong Confident Voice

If you catch your puppy eating puppy pads, say No! in a loud voice. This will get his attention so he will drop the pad right away. 

You can distract your pet from the pad by handing out a chew toy. This strategy diverts your pet’s attention from further destructive behavior and teaches him that the pee pad is off-limits.

The No-command is very useful as it helps nip all kinds of unwanted biting and chewing behavior in young puppies and is an important part of a puppy’s early training

You can also use this command to stop a puppy from biting or chewing not just pee pads but other objects (that are not a toy.)

Let Them Finish Their Business Outdoors

The important thing is that your puppy should understand that puppy training pads are just for the potty business and not for chewing.

So it is a good idea to let your puppy finish its business outdoors or in a designated area in the yard or balcony. 

The moment they eliminate in the designated spot, praise your puppy copiously. If needed, you can also treat him/her to their favorite food.

Use the Drop It Command

 The Drop It command is very useful in getting a puppy to leave objects alone that they aren’t meant to chew or bite. 

Say Drop it loudly and firmly when you see your puppy eating training pads.

As soon as your pet drops the pad, you can praise and treat him as well.

If he keeps going back to the pee pad, then use the Drop It command again.

As soon as he obeys, treat him.

Repeat this every time you see a puppy chewing pee pad. He should learn to associate the treat with the fact that he has dropped the pad. 

That is why it is vital that you treat/praise him as soon as he has dropped the pad.

Secure the Puppy Pee Pad Firmly to the Ground

Often, a puppy chews pee pad if it is easily accessible enough to carry away or is not firmly secured.

A simple tip to prevent the puppy from eating puppy pads is to secure them firmly to the floor using duct tape. Alternatively, you can invest in puppy pads with adhesive sticky tape with each corner having adhesive tabs you can easily peel off and secure each pad to the ground.

Please make sure that you choose a conveniently accessible place for placing the pee pad so your puppy can easily access it.

Use Anti-Chew Sprays

Anti-chew or chew deterrent sprays can be used for discouraging puppy from eating and chewing up pee pads and furniture.

Worry not: they are completely safe and won’t harm your puppy. Most are made with natural ingredients.

Chew deterrent sprays have a bitter taste and they help repel puppy from them. This will prevent him from chewing, tearing, and gnawing on the pads.

You can find puppy chew repellent sprays and products easily these days and they come in different flavors too.

Restrict Puppy inside a Puppy Play Pen/Crate

A puppy playpen is a good way of restricting a puppy from biting and chewing things.

You can place many toys inside the pen so your pet can entertain itself.

It is a good idea to keep the dog playpen in the same room where you work so your pet can see you and not feel lonely.

Simply let him to the puppy potty training pads from time to time so he can relieve himself.

This will minimize his contact with the wee pads and prevent unnecessary biting, chewing, etc.

A crate can also serve the same purpose as a playpen and can be safely and humanely used until your pet learns bite-and-chew control and is fully potty trained.

Provide Plenty of Toys

Provide plenty of chew toys, puzzles, and Kong toys to keep your furbaby engaged. 

This will keep boredom at bay, help your pet relieve sensitive gums, and ultimately save your furniture and pee pads from being ripped to pieces.

This is an easy way to prevent a puppy from shredding its pee pad.

chewing puppy pads

Conclusion – How to Stop Puppy from Chewing Pee Pad

The ultimate goal of housetraining is to get your pet to go potty outdoors.

However, indoor puppy pee pads can ease that process, prevent frustrating cleanups, and can be used as an intermediate step of housetraining.

If your pet starts chewing the pads, don’t let that be a setback in puppy potty training.

Use the above steps and put a complete stop to a puppy chewing pee pad and if you want a more effective way, invest in Bulldogology pet pads with adhesive tape!

We hope the above tips helped you! Do let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Good luck!

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  1. She uses the pad when she’s in her area but if I let her out she’s uses the bathroom around the house she doesn’t go to the pad how do I get her to go and listen to my commands she runs and hide.

  2. My Labrador puppy is 6 months old . I confine to a area during the night time . The training tray is also Inos he the tray but he always bite the wee pads out from the training tray . How can I stop him from biting and chewing the wee pads out from the training tray?

  3. I have 2 chihuahuas, they are pad trained in the house, 1 year old, but when we go outside for walk they will not go potty outside, also 1 of the girls started to chew up the pads and we don’t know why,

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