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Worlwide Bullies: 7 Amazing Japanese Bulldogs

Featured image by @supersoniklebulldog
We love to take you around the Bullyword with us. Furthermore, this time, we want to take you to the other side of the world. It’s the time for the ancient civilization everyone loves to watch. Yes, Japan! With all the jet lag and time zone changing we handled to find the funniest and cutest Japanese Bulldogs. They’re incredibly gorgeous and love to do crazy things. So, bring all your sushi love with us and join us in this ninja adventure!

1. So, what should I do with all these toys? I only asked for delicious food.


2. Tell me you’re planning to give me that thing because I will make puppy eyes to get it.


3. I’m the perfect roadie guy. Besides, all the girls love me, and they’re my groupies.


4. What can I do? Everybody wants to touch me and kiss me because I’m the cutest.


5. Old samurais are overrated. I’m the last samurai, but with a few extra wrinkles.


6. I love this angle because you can see my Asian eyes better. Do you like them? 


7. My smile represents all the Japanese Bulldogs’ smiles because we’re this happy all the time.


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