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Lazy Day 2017: 8 Funny Bulldogs Having Fun By Doing Nothing

Featured image by @frank_the_bulldog13
Lazy, lazy Bulldogs everywhere! Who can blame them? We love them, and we certainly want to have their lives. It’s all about sleeping, playing, eating and being adorable. Therefore, they have to celebrate what they love to do the most. Lazy Day 2017 is here, and our bullies are ready to celebrate by sharing their laziest moments. Please share these lovely experience with us!

1. I’m not taking a lazy day, please. I’m taking a sunbath for a better tan, ok?


2. Wake me up when September ends. And, by September I mean dinner.


3. Do whatever you want, but I’m comfortable and not planning to move a paw away from here.


4. Play the death, they said. So I did and took a great nap after with no regrets.


5. I love you my friend, but you know there’s nothing I love more than doing nothing laying on the floor.


6. Look at me, I take a nap, and at the same time, I’m telling my mom give me some love.


7. What do you want? Are you scared because I’m sleeping under the sun, or what?


8. Mom can speak on the phone all she wants while I take an incredible nap next to her.


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