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8 Happy Bulldogs Celebrating Let’s Laugh Day 2018

Featured image by @bulldog_lover.ig
Time for fun (as usual), and take the best shot of our babies. Yes! It’s Let’s Laugh Day 2018, and we’ve got some pretty good smiles to show you. Therefore, you need to keep scrolling and see all the funny Bulldogs. Also, find out what’s going on in their minds a day like this. Nevertheless, you’ll find one who’s smiling just for posing. Figure it out!

1.  Food is always a great reason to laugh. But, I’m serious about it too.

2. I just want to show you my tongue. So, let’s laugh out loud!

3. Bulldogs love to laugh because we look cute, and people give us food.

4. Cute little smile for you. Although, it will be better when I grow up.

5. This is me, pretending I’m laughing. But, honestly, I only want a picture.

6. It’s always great to smile at your friend’s jokes and celebrate great moments.

7. What, do you want a close up of my smile? Ok, take the picture.

8. You’re so funny that I can’t stop laughing when you come around.

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