What To Look For When Buying Puppy Pads

what to look for

House training your puppy probably ranks as the most important task when you’re getting your dog accustomed to living indoors.

It can be challenging sometimes to get it right, and training takes time and patience.

That’s why puppy pads make things so much simpler, having not to worry as much about messes, and having a familiar target for him to get used to. It also allows you to train your dog at home, and also lets your dog relieve itself indoors if situations demand it.

Here are some situations where they are useful:

  • When you live in a place where there are no grassy or wooded areas nearby, and it’s best for your dog to relieve itself at home.
  • Your puppy is too young, or frail, or not vaccinated yet, to risk the outdoors.
  • Sick dog, incontinent or too weak due to illness or old age.
  • Bad weather, be it rain or snow, doesn’t quite permit your dog to train or relieve itself outside.
  • When you can’t manage as much time outdoors, whether due to seniority, too much work, or any other reasons.

In any case, it’s clear that puppy pads are quite useful to have around – for training, or if any situation demands it.

We’ll go over some of the things you should be mindful of choosing dog training pads– both what you need, and what you should look for when buying puppy pads:

1. Amount of Absorbency

Probably the most crucial factor determining choices, if a pad can’t keep it all in, it’s as good as any old rag.

The things that normally decide the absorbency of a pad are the qualities of layers, the material in the layers, and the features of the overall pad. A combination of layers, materials, and features that take care of different things.

Often the more polymer layer within the pad, the more the pad can absorb.

There is now technology built for more absorbency material. It modifies the absorbed waste into a gel form material that helps to control odor and prevent further leaks. For example, Bulldogology Puppy Training Pads have a layer of Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) of 5 grams plus Bullsorbent Polymer Tech that changes absorbed urine into gel form quickly. Look out for cheap pads, as most companies only provide less SAP.

It’s recommended for the most absorbency type of pad, you want to find one with a lot of polymer material.

2. Does Size Matter?

Size can be a major concern for owners looking for pads for adult or sick dogs or puppies of large breeds. Small and many medium sized breeds usually have no trouble with most pads in the market, a regular size of 24″ x 24″.

Make sure you check on the size before purchasing it. For bigger dog breeds you’ll want to find any size bigger than 24″ x 35″.

3. Odor Control Neutralizer

A number of products nowadays have odor controlling capabilities.

Usually, this is linked to the pads materials that neutralize most of the unpleasant smell. There are some that have fragrance included. If you don’t like any fragrance smell, make sure you find one that’s non-fragrance.

However, it’s usually wise to have at least a faint odor about the pad, so your puppy can find the pad easily when it’s in training.

4. Features To Look For

Having satisfied yourself with the main qualities explained above, a few extra features can make life simpler and more convenient in ways unimaginable.

If you’ve tried puppy pads before and your dog ends up tearing up the pads, you’ll want pads that have adhesive corners on the bottom! The sticky tape on the corners of these pads would be quite a blessing as they stick on to floors and keep the pad in place. Sticky tapes would definitely prevent messes were other pads may be dragged or slid across the floor by accident, leaving a mess.

Bulldogology premium puppy pads are customized and can give all dog owners an easier experience when pad training your puppy. Want puppy pads that work? Click here to see premium puppy pad offer details. Each 24″ x 24″ box includes premium pads, 5g SAP, odor control, and adhesive sticky corners. Try Bulldogology premium puppy pads today!

A Cleaner Home Without The Hassle

We know that the process of housebreaking can be stressful for both of you and your furry friend. That’s why we designed the Bulldogology Premium Pet Training Pads to help pet owners like you potty train their pets without any hassle. It’s the best way to ensure that your pet is comfortable and squeaky cleaneven when you’re not at home. Our Bulldogology Premium Pet Training Pads is the best choice!

Now with Bullsorbent Polymer Technology

  • Absorbs and turns liquid into gel right away keeping your floors dry all day long.
  • With sticky adhesive tapes to keep your pet from making a huge mess.
  • With built-in attractant to help potty train your dog when you’re not around.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, use it as food and water mats, for kennels, or even when traveling. 
  • Instantly eliminates the stinky smell to keep your home fresh and clean.
Try Bulldogology Premium Pet Training Pads Today!

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