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8 Lovely Bulldogs Celebrating Kiss And Make Up Day 2017

Featured image by @holenbulldogs_kennel
Happy Kiss And Make Up Day 2017 for all of our Bulldogology citizens and foreign friends. We want to celebrate our lovely Bulldogs favorite day of the year by sharing amazing kissing photos. Although, it was hard to pick just eight because they were all great. Anyway, we selected the best from the best, and it’s a cuteness overloaded. Surely, after you watch this post, you’re going to kiss your baby more than ever!

1. What lovely Bulldogs get? We get all the love from our moms and dads.


2. Mom, show them how to kiss lovely Bulldogs properly.


3. Ok, I’ll kiss you, but afterward, you have to take me out for a fancy dinner.


4. Dad, stay there, please don’t move. I just want to kiss you, but you move a lot.


5. Mom, why do you have to make it so complicated?Besides, do you want the kiss or not?


6. Lovely Bulldogs look pretty with lovely moms that love to kiss them all day long.


7. No matter what you say, I want to kiss my dad even if I’m a big Bulldog now.


8. Surely, I won’t distract mom from driving safe just because I want to kiss her cheek.


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