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Worldwide Bullies: 8 Beautiful New York Bulldogs

Featured image by @sirwinstie
New York, New York! City of lights, concrete jungle and the city that never sleeps. Needless to say, New York is one of the most magical cities in the world. Thus, Bulldogs adore it, and they want to share it with us. We decided to leave Bulldogology Town for a few days and travel to the concrete jungle. Afterward, we caught the best New York Bulldogs. Finally, we found ourselves in a city full of bullies with great stories. So, it was a pleasant trip!

1. Welcome to New York City, but don’t love it so much because it’s mine!


2. My human decided to take me for a walk, but I just want to see the beach.


3. Royal Bulldogs of New Yor pose like we don’t care about the pictures, but we do.


4. You can only see these towers behind my face. Otherwise, you can’t see the city.


5. He told me: “Do you want to go out,” and I say: “I already got my tongue out for it!”


6. My human thinks I enjoy shopping. Instead, I’d rather be sleeping at my dog house.


7. You know what they say! NYC Bulldogs got the longest tongues in the world.


8. A real New York Bulldog only drinks Starbucks coffee. The rest are just fakers.


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