Exactly! There’s no reason to love Pit Bull babies so much, but let’s pretend we search for reasons so we can enjoy more time watching pictures of beautiful Pit Bull puppies here and fall in love with them. They all got a funny face that we can’t resist watching them, but how could we? They got grace, charm and an incredible sense of humor since they’re born. No mention to their amazing hair colors and happy bright eyes… Yes! Let’s stop talking and go to watch these pretty babies.

1. Oh, dad look! I’0m ready to dance one song of that Pitbull guy on the radio.

2. Like mother, like daughter. We can’t help it.

If only I looked this adorable with my parents.. #pitbull #pitbullpuppy #puppy #puppies

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3. What are you looking at? My beautiful eyes or my ears?

4. Have you ever met a Pit Bull girl more stylish than me? I bet you haven’t.

5. It’s so relaxing when you human gives you a massage before you go to sleep.

6. Mindfulness meditation is always important no matter you’re just a baby, OK?

7. I love these pictures where it seems like you didn’t notice someone was taking it.