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Pizza Festival: 6 Hungry Bulldogs In Love With Pizza

Featured image by @wagz_world
What’s better in life than pizza? Yes, a Pizza Festival! Once a year we celebrate the most delicious food in the world with our Bulldogs. Therefore, we deliver a lot of pizzas in Bulldogology Town so our babies and parents can enjoy a slice with their favorite flavors. But, how the Bulldogs react when they see pizza for the first time? Well, if you want to find out, then, keep scrolling. Also, don’t forget to send pictures of your baby next to a pizza, and tell us if they love the smell.

1. Seriously? Are you trying to make me eat eggs in disguise with a pizza?


2. Jah! You think you can fool me, but there’s no toy pizza I can eat.


3. Mom, can’t you see the others, kids? Please, stop embarrassing me, and let’s buy real pizza.


4. Are you going to eat that delicious slice, or are waiting for me to take it with this tongue?


5. Stop teasing me like that. I’m your pet, remember? Please put it in my mouth.


6. It doesn’t matter how high you put that pizza because I’m going to jump and catch it.


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