There’s so much to read about the basics of potty training for new owners. But what if you wanted something else…something like potty training hacks for your puppy?

You do, don’t you?

Once you understand the basic principles behind housetraining, an extra pointer or two could really cut down on training time.

And if your puppers is still having accidents in the house despite all the progress, these puppy housetraining hacks might be just what you need.

3 Puppy Potty Training Hacks You Should Know

Before we get into the potty training hacks, it’s important to recall these commandments when it comes to potty training a puppy:

  • Be consistent in your schedule
  • Be consistent with rewards and punishment
  • NEVER punish your dog after she commits a mistake
  • Be patient – potty training always takes time

Using these puppy potty training hacks along with tools like puppy pads will definitely help reduce accidents at home…

1. Use the Leash

Use the leash to keep your pup close at hand at all times at home. That way you can watch for signs for when she wants to go.

Simple, right?

When she starts pulling or pacing around, it might just be time for a potty break. If you have a way to attach the leash to your belt or something, even better!

Just make sure your dog doesn’t twist the leash around furniture and cause a stumble.

2. Hang a Bell Near Your Door

This is one is a really neat little potty training hack for your puppy:

  • You hang a small bell or any other small chime near your door
  • Ring it every time you exit the house
  • Eventually your puppy will pick up on it and learn to ring it when she wants to go

It’s also a better way for your dog to communicate with you than just to whine and bark. You’re also not quite sure what exactly the matter is in those instances.

This is a good way for your dog to cue you for walks. Speaking of cues…

3. Create a Cue Word or Command

Just like the bell near the door, an oral command or cue works great as a control in potty training.

It’s simple…

Every time your puppy relieves herself properly according to training, use a command like “Go Potty” or “Do Your Business”. You can even use something like a clicker.

Your puppy will start associating the cue with her relieving herself.

And when you reward or praise her consistently fit doing it right, it will reinforce the behaviour.

We hope you find this potty training hacks useful while housetraining your puppy. If you have some tips or hacks of your own do let us know in the comments section below!

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