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8 Powerful Bullies Celebrating Global Bulldog Running Day 2017

Featured image by @mabelandmatilda
You’ve seen swimming Bulldogs, models, actors, skaters and so on. Now, we want to show you powerful ones celebrating Bulldog Running Day. For these babies, running is training and a lifestyle. Therefore, they enjoy it every single day. Furthermore, they don’t care what season is. They’re always ready for running. Even, some of them share this passion with their parents. Keep scrolling down, and also tell us if you have a Bulldog running all the time.

1. Mom and I were making history, but I was tired.


2. I represent the feeling of all the people when getting naked at home.


3. There’s anything better than running. Wait, there is one thing, running at the beach.


4. A Bulldog Running is awesome. Thus, they need to shoot us in slow motion.


5. You know what they say. You can open up your eyes, but you’re only awake after running in the morning.


6. Water and balls. Is this a paradise for a Bulldog running?


7. I’m training this one behind me, but, if he doesn’t catch me, I won’t let him rest.


8. This is what happens when someone says “Food.”


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