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Bulldogology Calming Soft Chews Treats for Dogs

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  • STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF FORMULA: Inside Bulldogology soft chew is formulated with organic ingredients to help bring your dog emotions to feel more calm and comfortable. It can be stressful worrying about your anxious dog or worst, a dog with an aggressive temperament, our calm treats support your dog daily balance.
  • DOG RELAXATION APPROVED: If your dog is hyperactive, has separation anxiety, barks endlessly, or even act uncomfortable while traveling, this soft chew has non-drowsy effects that will support your dog feel relaxed.
  • BALANCE BEHAVIOR SOLUTION: When your dog shows signs of stress or overactive behaviors (barking, growling, jumping, biting, chewing, licking, etc.) giving your dog this calming supplement can help put balance back to your pup any time.
  • STRESSFUL SITUATION REMEDY: Sometimes your dog will be stressed even when there’s no real danger (running away during thunderstorms, hiding during fireworks, whimpers, shivering, etc.) these chewable treats are a perfect help with relieving a stressful situation.
  • SAFE ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Combining all natural ingredient with just the right amount including Hemp Oil, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Valerian, L-Tryptophan, and Ginger Root makes each soft chew perfect to reduce stress & anxiety for your dog.

Here’s What’s Included

  • Bulldogology Calming Stress & Anxiety Support Soft Chews
  • Dog relaxation approved formula with All Natural Ingredients
  • Perfect Solution for unnecessary behaviors that keep your Dog from being happy
  • 120 Calming Soft Chews Net Wt. 9.3 Oz. (264g)
  • 100% Satisfaction Moneyback Guaranteed
  • FREE SHIPPING for all USA orders

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Remedy For Your Dog Stress & Anxiety with Calming Soft Chews

Sometimes your dog can’t help to overcome situations when unnecessary behaviors occur.

It even feels overwhelming when you can’t help knowing your pup has to go through these problems.

While it helps to comfort your dog during stressful situations, giving your pup a calming soft chew can promote your dog to be happy and calm every time.

What Makes Bulldogology Calming Soft Chew Bites the Best Choice

  • Stress & Anxiety formula, that balances your dog emotions to be calm and happy.
  • Tasty Chicken Jerky flavor your dog loves, while providing all benefits for any stressful behaviors.
  • Perfect for anxious dogs, hyperactive dogs, or aggressive dogs that need to help them feel safe and relaxed.

Bulldogology Calming Treats is the Solution for Your Dog Stress & Anxiety Behaviors

Does your dog suffer from random stressful situations?

  • Thunderstorms
  • Car Rides
  • The Vet
  • Home Alone
  • Loud Noise
  • Chewing & Biting
  • Constant Barking
  • Growling
  • Jumping
  • Begging
  • etc.

All these situations can be easily helped for your best friend. Bulldogology Calming Soft Chews are made with all natural organic ingredients to help your dog feel calm and happy.

Without any drowsiness or “doggy therapy”, this is a great dog supplement to help aid your dog stress and anxiety.

Shipping & Returns

  • FREE SHIPPING for all USA Orders!
  • Most orders are shipped within 24-48 hrs for your convenience.
  • Currently ships ONLY in the US
  • Tracking Number provided upon shipping
  • We offer a full Moneyback Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our calming soft chew, let us know and we’ll send your money back instantly, that’s what you call Hassle Free Return. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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