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Premium Training Pads with Adhesive Tabs (Large, 24″ x 24″)

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“Super absorbent. I have not had any issues with leaking.”
– Diana T.

Absorbent pee pads with our own Bullsorbent® polymer that instantly absorbs fast and turns liquid into gel, keeping floors and carpets quickly dry.

Bulldogology creates the best training pads that prevent moving and pet mess with adhesive sticky tabs (sticky tape are optional; adhesive can be very sticky)

Each pad has odor control made to eliminate and neutralize odors fast, guarantee to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Plus built-in attractant for busy dog owners, help guide your dog even when you’re not home!

  • 50-Count
  • 100-Count
  • 150-Count

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Make Housebreaking Your Pets Easy and Stress-Free with Bulldogology Premium Training Pads

Oftentimes, you come home to a wet carpet.

It feels like you’re starting from square one, and what’s worse, your pets feel guilty and ashamed of an unavoidable mistake.

Even the best-trained dog makes these mistakes!

That’s where our premium-quality pet pads come in, built with 6 highly-absorbent quick-drying layers, odor control, leak-proof, and adhesive sticky tapes to help aid your pet every time.

6 Layer Ultra Absorbent Training Pads

6 Layers Ultra Absorption

What Makes Our Premium Pee Pads The Best Choice?

  • 2x more absorbent than regular training pads and can hold up to 7 cups of liquid.
  • For indoor or outdoor use, the pads are ideal for any area, weather or time of year.
  • Innovated 6 Layer design includes 5g super absorbent polymer with extra Bullsorbent® polymers
  • Blocks neutralize and control odors every time.
  • Dog attractant to help your pup know where to do their business.
  • Plus optional sticky tapes to lock down the pads from moving.

The best part?

Every order of Bulldogology premium training pads includes FREE Shipping plus our Risk-Free Promise – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed if for whatever reason you’re not happy just ask and we’ll get your Money Back – And you keep the box!

Pee Pads Works for Cats too!
Works Great for Cats too!

Shipping & Returns

  • FREE SHIPPING for all USA Orders!
  • Most orders are shipped within 24-48 hrs for your convenience.
  • Currently ships ONLY in the US.
  • Tracking Number provided upon shipping.
  • We offer a full Moneyback Guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with our puppy pads we’ll give you a 100% full refund, that’s what you call Hassle Free Return. Contact us at support@bulldogology.net for more information.

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