Having a new puppy at home is one of the best things anyone can experience. But the battle to try and save and protect your carpet from all the messes and shenanigans of the newest member of the family can be exhausting.

Sound familiar?

It’s almost impossible to keep the little tyke off the carpet!

It’s pretty much a given that you’ll be scrubbing and cleaning your carpet for a while – at least until your new puppy is housetrained.

So how do we go about keeping our carpets clean, and in one piece?? There are so many different kinds of puppy stains and damage! There’s…

  • Dirt and mud from outside tracked in by your puppy
  • The tears and punctures from all the chewing and playing around
  • Puppy hair! Your puppy will be shedding plenty…
  • And lastly, and the most frustrating kind is of course the urine and poop stains

Needless to say, you’ve got to deal with each one differently, and you can’t neglect any for your carpet’s sake!

4 Simple Tips to Protect Your Carpet While Potty Training Your Puppy

1. Don’t Wait on Cleaning Up!

Simply put, your procrastination will be the death of your carpet. If your puppy has made a mess on your carpet – whether it’s bodily waste or she spilt something – get on cleaning it up immediately!


Because if that mess really sinks into the underlying layers or padding,

  • It’ll likely leave a near permanent stain
  • It’ll smell for sure

And you don’t want either of those things. Even if you don’t happen on the accident immediately, you must try to eliminate the odor at the very least.

Puppies tend to be repeat offenders at spots where they can smell that they’ve gone before.

So to protect your carpet while potty training your puppy, to sleep on cleaning up messes as soon as you see or even smell them!

2. Use a Good Cleaner to Get Rid of Odors in Particular

Getting rid of odor isn’t as easy as you might think. And no, regular household cleaning supplies don’t work that well.

Trust us, your dog can smell it!

You will need special cleaning solutions – something to break down the uric acid crystals and the likes, which dry and sink into your carpet.

For instance, Bulldogology’s Premium Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator has bio-enzymes that break down any remaining biological stuff and neutralizes the odor too.

But with cleaners, you need to be mindful of certain things, like whether they contain any harmful components, or whether they might inadvertently damage your carpet.

While we can speak for our stain remover, it’s always good for you to test things yourself. Like a test run on a small inconspicuous corner of the carpet.

3. Make Good Use of Rugs and Door Mats

Surprisingly, not many people think of this, but simply adding a layer or two of large-ish area rugs work wonders for protecting your carpet.

They’re not as expensive, and much easier to wash and clean, and shield your carpet from the worst of the messes. What more do you need? Just go for the cheaper options, at least until your puppy is potty trained.

And that’s not all…

Make good use of your smaller rugs and door mats for areas not covered by your carpet and where your puppy frequents.

And if your puppy keeps returning to a particular spot to relieve herself, you can even consider puppy pads as a final resort.

4. Neglect Deep Cleaning at Your Own Peril!

Vacuuming and general cleaning of your carpet is all fine for casual maintenance. But to really keep your carpet in good condition, make sure you get some help deep cleaning it every few months or so.

If you have a puppy and don’t deep clean your carpets at least once or twice a year, your carpet might not last very long!

We hope these tips on how to protect your carpet while you’re potty training your puppy will be useful to you. If you have any other tips or suggestions of your own, do let us know in the comments section below!

Featured image by instagram.com//ladybahama