4 Awesome Tips For A Road Trip With Your Dog


Embarking on a journey with your young dog can turn out to be one of the most delightful shared experiences between the two of you. Nevertheless, the success of your road trip with your puppy greatly depends on the thoroughness of your planning…

One has to think and plan carefully, whether it’s the amount of food to carry, grooming and cleaning supplies, or stay arrangements.

Isn’t it?

There’s a whole bunch of things you should ideally do while planning. But here we’ll only talk about some extra tips to make your road trip an even better experience…

4 Great Tips For A Road Trip With Your Dog

Like we said earlier, there’s a number of basic things you must plan for ahead of a road trip with your puppy, like:

However, here are a few additional things you should try and do to make your doggy road trip more safe and smooth for everyone…

1. Try to Stick to Your Regular Schedule

By that, we mean walks, meals, and exercise or playtime.

Naturally, it’s impossible to keep exactly the same routine on a road trip with your dog. But walks or potty breaks, and meals are essential, and not hard to keep track of.

Are they?

And if you stay regular with those, the chances of your pup making a mess go down greatly.

2. Plan Your Route Well

For taking potty breaks and walks, you will need to plan your trip route accordingly.

What does that mean?

Try to plan for stops near known walking routes or near dog parks. Planning your road trip with such pit stops every 3-4 hours is ideal. Such stops also help reduce the stress and anxiety of the trip for your dog.

3. Make Note of Dog Care Centers or Dogsitters

If you’re planning to go to places or events that might not allow dogs – or even if you aren’t – make note of a few dog care centers.


It’s better to leave them in a trusted company rather than crated anxious and alone at your hotel.  Besides you never know if you need one in an emergency.

If you know any owners in town, make sure to ask for recommendations. And dog sitters are also a convenient alternative!

4. Update Your Dog’s ID Tag

Again, you never know when the need might arise. But having your pup’s ID updated with your contact in town can be a lifesaver.

Think about it…

If the ID has your contact details from back home, it might take much longer to resolve the situation.

That’s why make a point of updating the ID tag with your local contact from your destination when on a road trip with your dog. Even better would be the contact details of friends or family in the city or town you’re going to.

Hope you find these tips for going on road trips with your dog useful. If you have any other tips of your own, do put them in the comments section below!

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