Tips For The Safest Way For Your Dog To Ride In Your Car

Safest Way For Your Dog To Ride In Your Car

As someone who has a pet, you probably love to take your puppy with you on car journeys. Yet, have you ensured that you’re using the safest way for your dog to ride in your car?

Most dogs love to ride in cars. And it can be super fun to have your puppy along on your drives too. But safety should always come first when it comes to taking your dog out in your car!

Not to mention the fact that your puppy could totally mess up your interiors with those claws, that fur, and all that slobbering.

You better believe it!

So how do I puppy-proof my car? Is there a doggy crash testing standard when it comes to cars? Let’s talk about it…

Some Key Pointers For The Safest Way For Your Dog To Ride In Your Car

Dogs having fun riding in cars always lift your heart. Few things make you smile quicker than an image of a happy dog with its tongue flying in the wind as it checks out the sights on a drive.

But you must realize the various risks you run, for both of you, if you don’t ensure the safest way for your dog to ride in your car.

For real…

Here are some ways that a dog could pose a risk in a car when you don’t take proper safeguards:

  • An unsecured dog who is not properly trained could interfere with steering or hit the gas or brakes, causing an accident
  • They could obstruct your view as you drive
  • A dog could easily distract you if she constantly moves around in the vehicle
  • Your dog could injure her eyes from flying debris if she always sticks her head out of the window
  • An unsecured dog could cause injury to herself and others in case the vehicle brakes suddenly or is in an accident
  • A loose dog could be ejected from the vehicle, escape or interfere with rescue efforts in case of accidents

Sure, you and your puppy could go your whole lives without experiencing any of these. But you wouldn’t want to risk any of it.

Would you?

Here are some things you can do to ensure the safest way for your dog to ride in your car.

1. Make Sure Your Dog Is Secure During Rides

Keeping your puppy relatively secure and immobile during rides is essential to dog car safety practice. Us people have seat-belts for a reason, don’t we?

Even kids have seatbelts, harnesses, or infant car seats. So what about dogs?

You’d be surprised at the number of products available to help secure your dog on rides. There are indeed dog car seat belts on the market.

And if you don’t like crating your dog in the car, or if there isn’t enough space for a crate, you can install a dog harness too.

For vehicles with enough space out back, owners can also install a barrier to limit the area that your dog moves around in. But barriers can seriously injure your dog if it’s hurled against it during an accident.

In any case, think about and decide on the best way to secure your dog during rides both for her and your own safety. Besides, securing your dog is another way of making sure your interiors don’t get damaged or soiled apart from using good dog car seat covers.

2. Calming Your Dog Inside Your Car

A calm dog is less likely to be a safety hazard, and also less likely to cause a big mess inside your car. But if you haven’t trained your pup in basic commands, it could be a bit tricky to calm her.

You could try to have her munch on a couple of her favorite calming dog treats. However, it’s not a good idea to feed your dog much before or during rides, in case they get sick.

Alternatively, you could try and keep her occupied with her favorite chew toys, and also try covering her up with her favorite cozy blanket.

3. Make Sure Your Dog Is Hydrated On Long Trips

Keeping your puppy hydrated also serves to reduce the amount of stress they might be experiencing. So if your dog is the sort that doesn’t quite enjoy car rides – or can sense a ride to the vet – making sure they’ve had enough to drink can make a difference.

If it’s a long ride, don’t forget to get a water bowl for traveling. And it goes without saying that you will have to plan for pit-stops so your dog can relieve herself outside, and not in the car!

4. Eye Protection For Doggies That Love Windows

A lot of people get concerned when they see a dog hanging their head out of a moving car’s window. And rightly so!

While it can be a joyful thing to see, it can be dangerous too! Think about it!

Like there are riding goggles for bike riders, there should be some protection for dogs who like to stick their heads out of car windows too.

And lucky for you, doggy goggles, or doggles as they’re sometimes called, exist! And they’re pretty cheap too.

So now your pup can enjoy the breeze without you having to worry about debris and stuff injuring her eyes.

The only problem could be getting your puppy used to wearing them so she doesn’t freak out every time you put them on for her. Get her to wear them on and off at home, rewarding her each time she keeps calm. She’ll soon get used to them.

Hope these pointers on the safest way for your dog to ride in your car help you properly dog-proof your vehicle so you and your puppy have safe rides together. If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, do let us know in the comments section below!

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