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Siblings Day 2017: 7 Adorable Bulldogs Celebrating

Featured image by @diva_the_bulldog
According to the story, the creator of the Siblings Day did it to honor the love between brothers and sisters after she lost two in tragic accidents. Now have the chance to hug our siblings in a very significant day, despite sometimes being annoying because love comes first. Thus, we found some lovely scenes in Bulldogology town with some funny and characteristic siblings talking about the feelings between each other. Do you have a couple of bullies? See if they have a similar relationship.

1. Yes, we know that she’s a human and I’m a Bulldog, but we’re siblings no matter what they say.


2. We’re the vanilla and chocolate siblings team. Watch out because we’ve got swag!


3. You’re not a bully, man. But still, I love you like one of my kind.


4. No siblings in the world know how to have fun like us. Join us for this sunny day!


5. How many times do I have to tell both of you that fighting is not allowed?


6. Is there a siblings day? Look, all these years and we hadn’t celebrated nor one.


7. France and England meeting like siblings in the form of a Frenchie and an English Bulldog.


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