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7 Gorgeous Babies Celebrating Single Bulldogs Day 2017

Featured image by @maggie_ben_thebulldogs
Believe or not, some of our babies in Bulldogology Town celebrate Single Bulldogs Day. Why? Simple, they embrase the fact that they love to go out on dates and such. But, they’re not ready for a longlasting relationship. Therefore, they feel proud enough and want to show the world that’d is not necessary to go with society rules all the time.

1. My dad and I are going for a Single Bulldogs Day night out, and we’re ready!

2. My friend told me to take I picture like this because most girls love it.

3. Do you want to go for a ride? But, please don’t take too long getting dressed up!

4. Here, looking an amazing girl I’m because that’s the best part of being single.

5. What I love the most about being single is the fact that I can sleep more.

6. Don’t tell me this doesn’t make girls go wild because you would be lying!

7. The fact that I’m single doesn’t mean that I’m not a gentleman. Instead, I’m better.

8. No matter how junk food you eat because you’re single Bulldogs and have to share with no one.

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