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Sleepy Sunday: 8 Beautiful Bulldog Taking A Sweet Nap

Featured image by @kgonzalez2382
Yes, we don’t want to get up from our bed either. Thus, we decided to join the Bulldog sleepy Sunday next to our babies. They decided that Sundays are made for dreaming a little bit more. And, who can blame them? Of course, we can’t. Furthermore, after a long week and another yet to come, the only thing we want to do is to rest. However, we only want to do it next to our baby Bulldogs.

1.  I can’t tell you how many things I dream about every sleepy Sunday because it’s too much.

2. I know you love watching me on a sleepy Sunday because my wrinkles are its best.

3. We love to sleep each day of the week, but there’s no better day than a real sleepy Sunday.

4. This guy snores too much. Therefore, there’s no such thing as sleepy Sunday for some of us.

5. Yin and yang of sleepy Sunday. We love to dream about all kind of food together.

6. No matter how old you get in life because you will always love a sleepy Sunday, just like me.

7. He thinks I’m playing death, but I’m only enjoying my sleepy moment as much as I can.

8. OMG! This guy plays the best as a couch for my perfect nap site.

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